2016 Update- New Partner, New Career & New Life!

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As I’m sure many of y’all who “follow” me on social media will have seen, over the previous several months my life has improved even more than when I initially moved to Crawley, which is now one whole year ago!

I have completely retired from the adult/glamour whatever-you-want-to-call-it business, and now work full time in acting, comedy and freelance writing- with one of my biggest achievements this year being having a column in The Crawley News granted to me! (Will write more in depth about that little diamond in a separate post.) I will always be grateful and appreciative of everyone I met through my old industry, be they good eggs or bad ‘uns, because all contributed in one way or another, to making me the splodger I am today (As corny-ish as that probably sounds). Anyone who knows me well, or has followed my career over the previous four years have known I haven’t been dealt the easiest of journeys (Through no major faults of my own, I would just like to clarify) and that since early 2015 have been putting all my efforts into pursuing other career routes of which I feel far more passionately about. I have absolutely nothing against my old industry whatsoever- Just like any career genre, if you stop enjoying it and you have the abilities and option of progressing to another path, then you will take that opportunity as opposed to remaining unhappy! I love all my friends and assorted people I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years, and feel privileged to be forming new work/social relationships also.

Another wonderful thing to have happened as a result of my life direction changing shenanigans, was meeting my new boyfriend, Sidney! (I use the term “new” loosely… We have been together five months as I write this). We met at a business meeting in London through a mutual film director friend, and instantly “hit it off” as the phrase goes….. I am very pleased to announce that this young man not only has his sanity and emotions firmly in tact, but is also educated, articulate, doesn’t believe he is alien, or accuse me of having sordid affairs with Marvel superheros (Or supervillains, or any fictional character for that matter, as he isn’t a fucking psychopath). I am finally experiencing what it feels like to be in a “normal”, non narcissistic relationship with a psychologically and emotionally healthy man who loves me as much as I love him, and informs me of this every day! Cuddles and kisses are the norm, and I need never worry about how many sips of water I drink on the London Underground, nor be on the receiving end of 36 text messages within ten minutes, all saying “cunt” at 3am!

Sidney and I initially planned to move to London together later this year, however when he came to visit me in Cralwey and saw how cheap living there is, in comparison to London, we ended up putting down a deposit for a gorgeous four bedroom townhouse together, just around the corner from where I was already living! Oh and our next door neighbour has 4 cats, so expect lots of social media postings about them. We move in there properly in December, as his own tenancy doesn’t expire until then, so are making the most of living in North London in a “posh” area….. I kid you not there is a mansion at the end of his road with it’s own gym, sauna, snooker room and massive swimming pool- All for only £6,000 per week!! wHaT A bArGaIn! We have taken many selfies outside that gaff, as it would be rude not to take at least three every time we walk past it.

I have lots more exciting stuff in the pipeline but just wanted to round up the best of it for this jovial snuffle of a post!