Selfies with tramps!

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Does what it says on the tin really! I had been looking to work with an established fetish photographer, Mark Page for a while as his work is amazing and he has shot for a lot of high end companies. He happened to be in London on the same day I was so we agreed to meet up for a drink with our mutual friend Niz.

We all met up and walked to the pub but on the way me and Niz spotted a tramp. We are NOT prejudiced against the homeless but were in a bit of a silly mood that day so Niz asked the tramp if we could take a selfie with him….. He looked like a little garden gnome and seemed happy enough. We felt a bit mean so Mark gave the bloke £2.00, which from his reaction had made his day!

We met another tramp on our way to the pub then another two whilst we were sat outside the pub. They happily posed for selfies with us, without questioning as to why. Unfortunately we had to stop though when Mark ran out of pennies. The irony of the whole thing was that he is such a good photographer that he has never paid for a model in his life…… Until now. The first person he paid for a photo was a random tramp splodging outside Kings Cross.

We now have a running joke about having to take photos with/of tramps when we see them- Mark was on the receiving end of some anger on Facebook when we posted the photos but it was all in good humour as we gave them money (Well Mark did until he was out of pocket) and we made their day, so everyone is a winner really!

Unfortunately one night last week I decided to purchase a bottle of Vodka- On my way to the shop I saw a twaddle of tramps lurking around so naturally they needed to have their photo taken. I then tried to send the pics to Mark but I got him confused with my other friend Mark H who had only just unblocked my number due to my fruitloop ex constantly calling him from my phone and hurling uncalled for abuse at him for no particular reason. So the first ting this poor sod received from me after unblocking me was a million photos of tramps and hippies plus a load of nonsense texts such as “Wow mate check out the local celebs tonight” with a tramp picture. Luckily he found the situation funny but I am still slightly sure he thinks I am somewhat of a mentalist.

And that, is how #TrampSelfies were born 🙂

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