The London Detective- Britain’s First Virtual Reality Feature Film!

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I’m sure you have all heard of, or tried on a headset to view, the latest craze in immersive technology- Virtual reality. Well imagine an entire full feature film shot in 360 and that can be viewed in purely in VR…..

That’s exactly what you will soon have… With myself as the lead actress! I was so happy when I was chosen to play the role of “Mae”, especially as I hadn’t really been working in the “mainstream” acting industry very long. Also, I had so much dialogue to learn as we shot in continuous takes- long monologues and scenes that literally didn’t cut for 10-15 minutes!

In VR Film, it’s much more immersive to film and edit one take scenes, as opposed to cutting after each bit of dialogue, thus making it a lot more challenging to act in this style!

The storyline and my character were so different from anything I had ever shot- Dark, edgy and deadly serious. I admit I didn’t really know too much about Film Noir was until my involvement in this film, but after watching classics such as The Maltese Falcon and living within the virtual world of Film Noir, I adore this new take on the genre.

I had such an amazing few months on set with an amazing cast and crew! From the incredible costumes to the elaborate jewellery to professional hair and make up, I felt so fancy every day. Every actor was lovely and I have some amazing and very funny memories from the set!

I think the film is due for a summer festival run , although no exact date for its official release has been confirmed yet. It’s very exciting though, and I’ve already done a few radio interviews for it, and can’t wait to do more once it’s unleashed upon the world!

I’m so proud of the film’s director and lead actor, as even on the rare occasion where things became difficult like any film shoot can, he held everyone together and has indeed created a piece of film which will hopefully go down in history! What’s more interesting perhaps is the fact that he and I, very much like our lead roles in the film, are partners, in work, in film and in life. As co-leaders and creators of ERA Film Studios, we work together as equals to create a new era in British Virtual Reality Film and empower each other to lead a new wave of British film and entertainment collaboration.

Another thing I also love about it all is the fact that NO ONE else in the UK has done this yet- I’d like to say no one else in the world, but there was an amateur US project focusing on the life of Jesus in VR which was met with terrible reviews. If The London Detective does get the worldwide success and recognition it deserves, then I guess in a way one could say I am a bigger commodity right now than Jesus!!

I love it too because now not only am I the only professional female prankster in Britain, but I am also the only current professional virtual reality actress too – I don’t care if this sounds big headed because after the previous few years I’ve had, quite frankly, I ‘mothersnufflin’ deserve it!

I am so proud of the cast and crew, and the great working relationships I have formed as well as some lifelong friends.

To stay up to date on The London Detective’s progress, check out and follow the below pages!