A lil bit of Twattery……

Not long after I filmed the video for Barry Bee, he put me in touch with a guy called Ed who runs the YouTube channel, “Twattery”. He does lots of “awkward” videos, like asking strangers inappropriate questions and just generally making the public feel awkward! This was right up my street so I agreed to do a video with him called “Psycho Girlfriend Prank”…. Basically me and him having stupid fights in very public places!

Barry filmed us and we started off beefing each other outside Liverpool Street tube station, then in front of some innocent people sat in this little park trying to enjoy their afternoon. We then stepped it up a notch and did it in Tesco. I don’t think security found it funny however, as they marched us out. and closed the store for about 10 minutes to check for damage! As we were stood outside I was alerted to a random Jamaican tramp sat nearby smiling his heart out whilst singing extremely fast in another language at the top of his lungs…. Well to be honest it just sounded like he was belting out a load of random noises! Some people were staring and laughing while some just pretended he wasn’t there….. He was singing so fast without taking breath- It was mad! I tried to make a video of him on my phone to send to my fellow tramp enthusiast Mark, but unfortunately the video din’t come out, so we have no memorabilia of this incredible local talent.

We grew bored of this local celeb and went into the ticket section of the tube station to film our next “scene” and what a scene it was! We saw some federallys stood there in their silly costumes so we purposely went nuts nearby so they would intervene- The one officer pinned my hands behind my back and snapped off one of my fingernails- That really fucking hurt!

We concluded the video by having a big row/fight on the actual tube although we had to do a couple of takes as no one really reacted the first time….. The second time however everyone got up and either tried to break it up or ran to the other en of the carriage- One bloke took it very seriously and was trying to grab hold of me. He didn’t seem impressed when we revealed it was just a prank although a few young girls thought it was funny!

I have plans to shoot with both Ed and Barry again in the next few weeks so keep a lookout for the videos 🙂

Here is my first prank with Ed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KZKQiT1zW4

Here is Ed’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TwatteryYT

Attached is a photo from the magic moment the ol’ bill contributed to the video!