An Epic Day Shooting For One Tree Media

One of my favourite companies to shoot for is One Tree Media aka the All Fetish Network based in Kent, which is basically a network of several softcore websites catering for light fetishes ranging from knicker flashing to clothes ripping to girl on girl catfighting…. And in my opinion the most amusing one to shoot- Giantess fetish- Which is basically a video of a girl standing on and throwing around tiny plastic “people” and actually talking to them and telling them how tiny and helpless they are haha I had to do some mad shit like pretend to mix them into my food and eat them and even put them “down there” (not quite inside me) and pretend they were making me orgasm… I was more concerned about one of them somehow getting “lost” though…. Odd. A very odd fetish indeed- but then again I once read that some guy from Manchester nearly died because he had a fetish for watching bin bags getting crushed in a rubbish truck, and he decided to take it to the next level by actually climbing into the truck- naked- to get front row seats of his desired show of unconventional eroticism, resulting in him almost getting crushed along with the bin bags & also being issued a warning for public nuditiy and for demonstrating an obscene sexual act in public (He was knocking one out in the back of the truck) ………………………………………..

Anyhow, thankfully there were no rubbish trucks or bin bags involved in my shoot [:)] Just a hell of a lot of ripped stockings, big knickers and Mr Willy- A reasonably sized dildo stuck on a pole that shoots out Gavascon whenever the balls are squeezed…. A cheeky chappy.

A lot of the scenes revolved around teasing and playing around in silk & satin outfits like long night dresses which was pretty straight forward and fun. I also shot a shot scene for their bondage website which was a bit uncomfortable but luckily they shoot pretty quickly so I wasn’t tied up for too long! I also did a fun scene where I had to make little cuts in some of the clothing then rip it all off of me- I dreaded to think how much money the company were spending on items of clothing that were ultimately going to end up cut to shreds and then thrown in the trash (Probably to then become the object of some fruit loop’s sexual desires as they rattle through the rubbish truck getting nice and squished) However I then found out that fans pay for the outfits that they want to see the girls cut & rip themselves out of- Which is actually a pretty good deal as everyone is happy at the end of it, except perhaps the person who made the clothes, should they ever find out that the result of their hard work ended up being cut up and thrown away….

It also appears that there are lots of people who have a fetish for being kidnapped, held hostage and ultimately, shot, by a smartly dressed hit- woman…. Or at least there must be enough people into this to give someone the idea to set up a website entirely dedicated to it. I played a hit woman disguised as a beautician who has to scare a client into giving me the code to his safe, so that my “crew” could steal money from inside his house……………. Then I had to “shoot” him. I had to hold a real (unloaded) gun in the scene and pull the trigger while pointing it at the actor’s head, which freaked me the hell out as I was really worried that the gun may not be empty after all and it took me almost half an hour to actually pull the trigger and I almost had heart attack when I actually did finally do it…. The guy even had to point it at his own head and “fire” it to prove it was not loaded, which is pretty mental when you think about it, and they must have thought I was a proper wack job, but they have since worked with me twice more so I can’t have seemed like too much of a freak! This scene was for the website “Lethal Lipstick” [:)]

There was some more panty stuff and swanning around wearing satin & masturbating with it….. But the highlight of my day was definitely the scene I did for their “Tiny Fetish Fun” website where I had to pretend to be typing in my office, when I notice some tiny plastic people ha appeared on my desk… Thus resulting in me shouting at them, crushing them under my feet before rubbing them over myself and pretending to eat them- So just a standard day in the office really!

I loved my day of shooting for this fantastic company and had a lot of laughs and some funny memories from this day…. I have shot loads more stuff for them, some of which I believe is yet to be released, although should be out within the coming months.

I have attached a photo from a girl/girl catfighting scene I shot for them a few months after the shoot I’ve just blogged about……. Now it’s almost 2am so I am off to bed… Goodnight spoldgers & splodgettes [:)]