An Over Optimistic YouTuber…..

Ok so lately I have had to deal with a lot of idiots. And I mean a LOT of them. I won’t list them all as 1) I would be here for at least 13 hours 17 minutes and 11 seconds, and 2) Because reminiscing on so much idiocy would piss off my brain.

But here is a good example……

I did a shoot for the company Killergram earlier in the year and no later than a week after the scene had been released, someone made a pirate copy of it. Now I have no real issue with that, shit happens and nowadays it is hard to prevent this kind of thing from happening. In fact I don’t mind it too much as it means a wider audience get to see my work which ultimately is likely to gain me a bigger fan base, who will hopefully vote for me to win stuff and buy my films from here or wherever else I choose to sell them. However the website this person decided to post the video to was Youtube of all places?! I don’t mean just an edited “soft”trailer of it- I mean the whole fucking scene- actual penetration, cumshot, the lot! It actually stayed up nearly a week which I was surprised about, but what sort of idiot would risk their whole account just to post a porn video they like? I looked on their page and they had really normal stuff on there too, then just a few random full length porn movies… It looks like the whole account got removed which sucks for them, but maybe whoever it was has learnt their lesson now! *Moral of this story*- Don’t post porn films on Youtube or you will go to hell.

Attached is a photo from the Killergram scene called “The Sexy Estate Agent”… I have a few more scenes out for them soon so keep a look out!