An Update And My Splodgy Little Angel

‘Sup bruv

Sorry for the lack of blog posts- not done one for over 6 months I believe! I have had a lot of shit going on in my private life with my partner and family.

Anyway I have been very busy with shoots and escorting- I tour all over the place now so expect I will be in your area at some point! I also have gotten myself a new little friend- A Syrian hamster called Splodge! He is amazingly cute- his eyes are a bit far apart but he is perfect in every way. He is hilarius becasue every time I watch Television X or any porn, he starts waggling his ears and getting excited. He literally will be sleeping on me then as soon as he hears or sees the porn he gets up and start running everywhere, he is so funny! He snuffles too which is so cute when he is waggling also.

I have posted lots of photos and videos of him on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

I’m off to make food now, but will be doing a couple more posts tonight [:)]