An Update And My Splodgy Little Angel

‘Sup bruv Sorry for the lack of blog posts- not done one for over 6 months I believe! I have had a lot of shit going on in my private life with my partner and family. Anyway I have been … Read More

Cross Dressing Pie Throwing Facebook Stalker

Ever since I set up a Facebook account I really have seemed to attract a lot of… “interesting” individuals. One I encountered recently, I like to refer to as the “Custard Pie Guy”. It is quite clearly a man in … Read More

A Nutjob In Leicester Square

This is really mental….. I went out with my friends last month for porn actress Jodie Lee’s birthday party in Leicester Square and we met this guy in a bar who words can’t even begin to explain- This dude is … Read More

Bonking & Boozing In Barcelona Part 2

This is the second half to my posting about my totally awesome trip to sunny Barcelona!! I loved every minute of my time there. On my last full day I didn’t really have a lot to do- Just one boy/girl … Read More

Bonking & Boozing In Barcelona Part 1

A few months ago I went to Barcelona for 4 days to shoot for Kemaco Entertainment who are a really cool production company over there! The flight over was awesome as it was really sunny and I had some amazing … Read More

Spare Ribs And Dorcel In Belgium

I was so lucky to be asked by the AWESOME director Philippe Soine to go and film for him in Belgium last September!! He shoots a lot for Dorcel and his films are really artistic and well shot [:D] I … Read More

One Night In Valencia

2013 was such an awesome year for me because I got the opportunity to visit some beautiful countries and shoot for some great European producers! In September I flew out to Valencia in Spain to shoot three boy/girl scenes and … Read More

Pub Crawling, Brawling And Bawling- A Trip Down South!

A couple of months after I moved to Berkshire I went back down South to visit my family, cats and some friends for the weekend which was cool as it felt weird at first living away from my parents house! … Read More

I HATE Online Sex Pests

Does what it says on the tin!!! I fucking hate them…… Well actually that’s not 100% true. I find them amusing to some extent as I like to take screen shots of their inbox messages and post them so all … Read More

Moving To Berkshire!

I am writing this at 1am so will probably make some typos but who gives a shit! Towards the end of 2012 I realised that I really needed to move out of the town I lived in with my parents … Read More

Come Vine With Me? Shooting For Erotica-Babes

I was lucky enough to get to work with the legendary photographer John Tisbury for his website Erotica- Babes. I had contacted him about work a couple of months before, and I get the impression he is selective about who … Read More

Hot Tub Antics And Sleeping In Pubs

This actually happened in the summer so before the UKAP awards but I only just remembered it and have no idea how to swap around posts! I can’t remember why exactly but me and some of my friends went back … Read More

I Won “Best Newcomer” At The 2012 UKAP Awards!!!

Yeah man, you know that shit!!! It was probably my favourite moment of 2012 and a fucking awesome night regardless of who won what [:D] Me and my friend had a hotel room quite near to the venue and before … Read More

Boozy Bouremouth And The Henge

My friend Paul (The one who filmed me, Gina Snake & Faye Filli in London) had been in touch with his friend from Bournemouth who runs a studio where they stream for a live solo girl phone in channel on … Read More

An Over Optimistic YouTuber…..

Ok so lately I have had to deal with a lot of idiots. And I mean a LOT of them. I won’t list them all as 1) I would be here for at least 13 hours 17 minutes and 11 … Read More

Phone Shaking And German Teddies

I had a really awesome day last summer in London doing a trial shift on a tv channel and then filming some videos for my profile on here with a few top splogers [:)] First I had to go to … Read More

Conjunctivitis Fucked My Shoots With Michelle B!

Man, did it suck big time!! I’d been really excited about going up north to stay with porn legend Michelle B and her boyfriend Matt for three days to shoot some content for our pages on here and of course … Read More

Friday Night Hot Tub Party!

This was the day I first met my now ex- housemate Dave Tubs, who organizes porn star hot tub parties and also the first time I met my good friend Barbie & her partner. It is also one of my … Read More

The Happy Hoarding Hippy!!!

Ok so there’s this really crazy dude I met through one of my friends when I used to live in my old house, who anyone who follows my Facebook or Twitter accounts will have seen me whittling on about, known … Read More

Lesbian Oil Wrestling And Wanky Spiders

I want to both laugh and shed a tear when I think about this day. It was a joint shoot with the manager of Erotic Wrestling company MWW Productions and Phil who runs Festelle Entertainment, which is one of the … Read More

Some Random Facts About Jessica Jensen!

I have a cross- dressing cat called Scampy who spends most days running around with women’s underwear on his head and has really thick eyelashes and lots of eyebrows that look very feminine. I have recently taken part in a … Read More

An Epic Day Shooting For One Tree Media

One of my favourite companies to shoot for is One Tree Media aka the All Fetish Network based in Kent, which is basically a network of several softcore websites catering for light fetishes ranging from knicker flashing to clothes ripping … Read More

“Freshers” And The Dog Who Couldn’t Turn Left

Last year, I had a really fun few days in Newcastle shooting for the Television X series “Freshers”, about student life, which was produced by the lovely Liselle Bailey [:)] I was living in Wales still at the time of … Read More

The Bonking Bin Man And The Cookie People!

Last year I was contacted by another Television X producer asking me to be in his new series called “The Bonking Bin Man”. It sounded like a right old laugh so I took him up on his offer! This was … Read More

Shooting For Brooke-Lee Playmates

I was contacted last spring by the people behind the popular website Brooke Lee Playmates, asking me if I wanted to go and do a shoot for them. Their website is awesome and they have worked with loads of famous … Read More

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