Blackpool Weirdness With Amber West

Last week I went on a mini working holiday with my good friend and fellow model Amber West. Neither of us had been before so weren’t sure what to expect- However neither of us could have predicted how bizarre a place it actually is!

On our way to the hotel we passed several more hotels (I swear Blackpool sea front is entirely made up of hotels) and a few had some rather questionable signs on the doors…… In most hotels I’ve seen in other parts of the country they advertise free wifi/indoor pool/gym equipment….. However in Blackpool, they seem to think tourists will be lured in by the prospect of a……… COLOUR TV. Yes seriously. It seems like kinda a historic town but if they get excited over watching tv in colour then they must be REALLY behind the times! Do they even make black and white tvs anymore?!

That night we had drinks in the hotel bar and some drunk guy just kept coming up to us and trying to talk to us and sit down- When Amber went to the bar he came over, mumbled something then tried to sit down next to me! I appreciate people being friendly but this was just creepy. The highlight of the weirdness though was when we went out for a cigarette and there as another drunk splodging around outside. We sat on the steps (classy) and started talking about how if it as sunnier we could have gone in the sea, when the guy suddenly said “Oh you don’t wanna go in there- there are crabs that will eat you!”. We just ignored him until a couple of minutes later he came out with “You want to watch out because there’s fish with three eyes everywhere around here!” WTF?! We just burst out laughing and went back inside. The locals we met were seriously odd. Nothing else too weird happened that evening apart from some bright spark jamming a pushchair in the revolving doors meaning until the staff could get it out, everyone had to use the other exit!

The second day was a lot more calm- We had a lie in then went to Water World which is basically an indoor combination of pools and slides. We had a little swim, then had burgers and slush puppies at a cafe overlooking everything. Amber wanted to go on the big slides but I wasn’t brave enough! We ten went to the spa which was lovely and relaxing apart from the fact they had no jacuzzi which was a shame as I love them. They had a great ice feature though where you rub ice over your skin and it’s meant to be good for you.

That night we just went for a walk then chilled in the room and watched Big Brother- We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to go back to the bar and it’s….. “interesting” inhabitants. We recorded a Vlog too for my YouTube where I pretty ,much discussed all of the above but verbally and with all the emotions. Amber went home the next day but I stayed an extra day to chump. I ate out at Italian restaurants twice as I don’t like being just sat in a room- It was so windy though so I didn’t stray too far from the hotel. I went on the pier and had a banana crepe too which was lovely.

I really loved my mini Blackpool break and hoping I can go back there soon, either with Amber or another friend- It’s not the sort of place I would want to go on my own as there is too much of a holiday atmosphere!

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