Bluebird, Ben Dover & RedHot Tv

A couple more memorable shoots I did early on in my career were for the people listed in the title of this post. I had a call from a guy who worked for the company Bluebird to see if I wanted to take part in a boy/boy/girl shoot with him and the porn legend Ben Dover. I said I would love to work with them and off I went the next day to Surrey to shoot for them. The series was called “Like Father, Like Son” and it was the first boy/boy/girl shoot I had ever done! Their studios were cool and some of the girls who work there have really cute little dogs which made me want one as well! The scene went really well and we had a good laugh and lots of fun banter, plus the shoot was pretty straight forward so I wasn’t hanging around for too long! I really enjoyed shooting for these great people and had an awesome day- it was worth the 6am start! I think the series is out on dvd pretty soon as well 😀

The next week I was booked to do a shoot for the tv channel Redhot Tv. I was excited for this as I was working with an awesome producer called Dave who has since gone on to become one of my best friends and has shot some of the videos for my profile on here 🙂 It was a “Casting Couch” type theme where Dave persuades me to show off my body and be naughty at what was meant to be a straight forward modelling casting. It was a hell of a lot of fun but was a long day too so Dave let me sleep on his sofa bed, which was really comfy. We had a few drinks in a local pub in the evening and had a good laugh, although I did have a slight hangover the next day! We both have a similar sense of humour, and found out we were both friends with some of the same people which was pretty cool. The scene will be shown on the Redhot tv channel soon from what I gather- although it was meant to be a series about “new faces” in the industry, which I was at the time, but now when it goes out on tv I will not be new anymore! Oh well, it’s a good scene if I do say so myself- it’s always more fun to work with people you get along with, and I got an unexpected trip to the pub too, which is never a bad thing!