Bonking & Boozing In Barcelona Part 1

A few months ago I went to Barcelona for 4 days to shoot for Kemaco Entertainment who are a really cool production company over there! The flight over was awesome as it was really sunny and I had some amazing views as we were descending into Spain [:D]

Kevin White met me at the airport, I had worked with him before in Spain and he is a really cool guy. He drove me to the model house where I would be staying and wow it was amazing! Really posh with a big garden and it’s own swimming pool…. Plus it had a lovely balcony on the top floor- I loved it [:D]

Thierry who owns the company and his wife who live there were really cool and laid back and told me to help myself to whatever I wanted whilst I was there which was awesome! Not long after I arrived we went down to the studio they have in the house to shoot the first scene which was a solo photoset followed by me masturbating and smoking which was great fun although I have since given up smoking, which is probably for the best….. I like the fact Thierry shoots really quick and we had the scene and photos done within 2 hours…. I am used to spending at least 4 hours on set to film one scene, so this was a change, although I do enjoy long days on set hanging out with everyone [:)]

In the evening we all watched a film in English with Spanish subtitles which was a bit confusing and we opened a bottle of wine that was really nice but made us fall asleep by 11pm although in hindsight that probably wasn’t a bad thing as we had to be up at 7am to go do some filming outdoors!

The next day we went to the beach to film the intro to my second scene which was where I played a tourist getting picked up by studs Jorge Fernadez and Kevin White and taken into a nearby woods to be penetrated by their manly organs. Kevin is one of the happiest people I have ever met- I mean seriously, I wish I could be as cheerful as this guy! I had never actually shot an outdoor scene until we did this one, and it was a lot easier than I thought, apart from having to bend in weird positions over the back of a truck and having a train go past us on the other side of the trees!

Later that afternoon I met the animals that live in the house- They have an adorable little fluffy rabbit that I named “Panda Bunny” because it has black round it’s eyes like a Panda- It was so cute [:D] I also watched a Spanish model called Anna Marco having a photoset taken in the garden- it was so nice & sunny that I just sat by the pool and watched. In the evening me, Thierry & his wife watched a really fucked up film about some weird family who ran a motel and enjoyed cooking their guests. I wish I had saved my super sleep- inducing wine for that night as after watching that movie I knew I probably wouldn’t get much sleep. Thierry’s wife had also made the effort of cooking us all Spaghetti & Meatballs that night- A meal that I usually love but unfortunately was probably the wrong dish to be chomping on, as after watching two cannibals tucking into a woman’s brains and intestines, I wasn’t really in the mood to be looking at any food resembling these body parts, let alone eating it. There was a slight language barrier between us as I tried to explain this, but the feeling was mutual and the spag & balls went back in the fridge.

Brilliant first two days in Barcelona!