Bonking & Boozing In Barcelona Part 2

This is the second half to my posting about my totally awesome trip to sunny Barcelona!!

I loved every minute of my time there. On my last full day I didn’t really have a lot to do- Just one boy/girl scene which shot artistically and was a very erotic and intense scene…. Not much of a storyline but the stud was hot and the bed we were on was so soft and comfy… I actually didn’t want to get off it at the end [:D]

This was done by 1pm so I had all afternoon to chill out at the house. I watched Thierry edit some of the footage from the scene I did on the first day and I took some photos on my phone to post to Twitter… I also noticed that in the editing room there is a massive penis doorstop! This thing was huge and Thierry was telling me that once a girl actually managed to put half of it inside her, but personally I think that he was winding me up as 1) No one could actually have a vagina that loose and 2) If they did and managed to put half of that thing inside them it would inevitably cause a serious injury, the worst case scenario being death by giant penis.

I loitered in the editing room for a while, then Thierry’s wife took me to the local supermarket so I could get some snacks and cold drinks… I was surprised to see that in the shop they sell conkers as food which I thought was a bit weird, but then again when I went to Benidorm with my friends 4 years ago, I met a guy at the hotel who tried to sell us a squid’s eyeball so I guess in Spain they just eat odd things. I bought some fairy cakes, chocolate and a bottle of wine [:D]

When I got back to the house I put my bikini on and sat by the pool for a couple of hours while it was sunny [:)] The weather was so lovely and I when I stood on the balcony I could see into neighbouring gardens and saw that most of them had swimming pools too and were really nice houses. It had me thinking that I should buy a house in Spain one day! Once the sun started to go in I decided to use the spacious garden to do some exercise, so I jogged around outside of the house a few times- It was fun but they had some form of weird tree round the side of the place that really, strongly smelt of spunk. I have no idea how or why, but it did. Maybe someone had been fucking in it, who knows but I had never smelt a spunk tree before…. Perhaps it’s another Spanish “thing”, like openly walking round holding a little squid’s eyeballs. Or something!

I had such a lovely afternoon and then in the evening I relaxed by the pool again with the wine I bought, but then that bottle led to another one and I ended up sat on the balcony drinking until 3am by myself after everyone else went to bed…. Sad I know…. but I managed to get internet access so could chat to my friends back in the uk.

I had a sore head the next day and had to be up early to catch my flight… I was SO sad to have to leave the house and Barcelona as it was an amazing few days and a trip I will never forget! I also really wanted to try and smuggle Panda Bunny into my suitcase as he is just so cute! I really hope I can go back and shoot for Kemaco Entertainment again in 2014 as I have some great memories from there and the people were awesome [:D]

The three boy/girl scenes I shot for them are out now so check them out- You will not be disappointed!