Boozy Bouremouth And The Henge

My friend Paul (The one who filmed me, Gina Snake & Faye Filli in London) had been in touch with his friend from Bournemouth who runs a studio where they stream for a live solo girl phone in channel on the website Rampant Tv. This guy called Gary was looking for new girls for the channel so Paul put me forward and Gary invited us both down for the weekend for me to work on the channel and to shoot some promo videos for them [:D]

We had such a good laugh on the drive down there… I had brought the little brown bear and the German teddy that I had won the last time I went on an outing with Paul. I brought them because I know he thinks they are freaky and weird (Which they are!) I put them in the front of his car and took photos of them along the way.

It took us around two hours to get there but it was worth it as the studio was lovely and also had a bedroom for us to stay in that night [:)] Gary was really nice and so was his partner, Natalie. We filmed some straight forward strip tease stuff which was fun and then at around 6pm I went live on their channel for three hours- It’s usually longer but it was kind of a trial shift for me! I got on really well with Gary as he is pretty hyper and talkative like me plus likes to party and talk about random stuff so we all had a really good laugh.

Once all the work was done, Gary & Natalie went back to their place, which was right next door to the studio, and me and Paul found a pub that also did food at the end of the street. There were loads of guys in there watching a football match on tv, and one of them recognised me and bought me and Paul free drinks, but Paul isn’t too keen on football so we didn’t sit with them for long! We had a really random conversation with the pub owner too about whether or not if someone stuck wool to an elephant they could pass it off as a Woolly Mammoth…. We came to the conclusion that the result of this would more than likely be death by the elephant impaling you on it’s tusks, so we changed the conversation. Then me and Paul sat outside and talked bollocks about Snoop Dogg for a while before heading back to the studio, where we found Gary & Natalie smoking outside by their house so we all went back inside the studio and opened a bottle of wine and listened to music- it was such a fun night [:D]

The next day Paul took a detour on the way back home and took me to Stonehenge… We have a joke about Stonehenge because we know thisĀ  guy who has a head shaped like some of the rocks from it- We call this dude a “Henge Head”. We didn’t actually want to pay to go in to look at the rocks so we just took loads of photos of us posing by the fence surrounding the Henge instead… Some people gave us funny looks but we both have the same stupid sense of humour so we didn’t care!!

It was fun on the way back to my house, I was singing to Paul about some popcorn that has a picture of Ant & Dec on it (Don’t even ask) and throwing the German teddy around. Then for some reason I just decided it should be called “The Henge” so alas Ze little Henge & Bear were born!! Those little chaps are awesome!

I had such a great time that weekend and am really looking forward to going back to see Gary & Natalie soon as we are going to sort a day of shooting and a night of partying [:D] Here is a pic of me and the Henge, before I had christened him with his new name!