The Real Story Behind 50 Shades Of Grey!

On the same day I did the pimps & hos Trollstation prank, we also decided to do a Valentine’s Day special to be released the day before the official 50 Shades Of Grey film. This took a daaaaaaaamn lotta guts … Read More

I’m going mainstream baby- My first prank!

Doing what I have always known I was born to do- comedy!! I had a difficult time over Christmas with my private life and drinking- I ended up on a drip at A&E on Boxing Day because I drank way … Read More

My YouTube Channel!

I had been planning to start a YouTube channel for the last year but things kept getting in the way, like relationship problems and the fact every laptop I bought kept breaking! (One was dropped and the other had water … Read More

I have a stalker from my home town.

I really do and it is SO weird. I can only assume I went to school with this girl as her name and face seem vaguely familiar, but I don’t think she was in my year. This girl seems to … Read More

My Bizzare Neighbours

I currently live in Kent, through no choice my own though as I was booted out of my last home when someone robbed me. (Yes really I was the one who had to eave the house because the owner didn’t … Read More


A few moths ago I was lucky enough to chosen by a very talented drector to star in his new series for Television X, which was a parody of the popular TV show “Gogglebox” called “Gobblecocks”. I really enjoyed shootimg … Read More

An Update And My Splodgy Little Angel

‘Sup bruv Sorry for the lack of blog posts- not done one for over 6 months I believe! I have had a lot of shit going on in my private life with my partner and family. Anyway I have been … Read More

Cross Dressing Pie Throwing Facebook Stalker

Ever since I set up a Facebook account I really have seemed to attract a lot of… “interesting” individuals. One I encountered recently, I like to refer to as the “Custard Pie Guy”. It is quite clearly a man in … Read More

A Nutjob In Leicester Square

This is really mental….. I went out with my friends last month for porn actress Jodie Lee’s birthday party in Leicester Square and we met this guy in a bar who words can’t even begin to explain- This dude is … Read More

Bonking & Boozing In Barcelona Part 2

This is the second half to my posting about my totally awesome trip to sunny Barcelona!! I loved every minute of my time there. On my last full day I didn’t really have a lot to do- Just one boy/girl … Read More

Bonking & Boozing In Barcelona Part 1

A few months ago I went to Barcelona for 4 days to shoot for Kemaco Entertainment who are a really cool production company over there! The flight over was awesome as it was really sunny and I had some amazing … Read More

Spare Ribs And Dorcel In Belgium

I was so lucky to be asked by the AWESOME director Philippe Soine to go and film for him in Belgium last September!! He shoots a lot for Dorcel and his films are really artistic and well shot [:D] I … Read More

One Night In Valencia

2013 was such an awesome year for me because I got the opportunity to visit some beautiful countries and shoot for some great European producers! In September I flew out to Valencia in Spain to shoot three boy/girl scenes and … Read More

Pub Crawling, Brawling And Bawling- A Trip Down South!

A couple of months after I moved to Berkshire I went back down South to visit my family, cats and some friends for the weekend which was cool as it felt weird at first living away from my parents house! … Read More

I HATE Online Sex Pests

Does what it says on the tin!!! I fucking hate them…… Well actually that’s not 100% true. I find them amusing to some extent as I like to take screen shots of their inbox messages and post them so all … Read More

Moving To Berkshire!

I am writing this at 1am so will probably make some typos but who gives a shit! Towards the end of 2012 I realised that I really needed to move out of the town I lived in with my parents … Read More

Come Vine With Me? Shooting For Erotica-Babes

I was lucky enough to get to work with the legendary photographer John Tisbury for his website Erotica- Babes. I had contacted him about work a couple of months before, and I get the impression he is selective about who … Read More

Hot Tub Antics And Sleeping In Pubs

This actually happened in the summer so before the UKAP awards but I only just remembered it and have no idea how to swap around posts! I can’t remember why exactly but me and some of my friends went back … Read More

I Won “Best Newcomer” At The 2012 UKAP Awards!!!

Yeah man, you know that shit!!! It was probably my favourite moment of 2012 and a fucking awesome night regardless of who won what [:D] Me and my friend had a hotel room quite near to the venue and before … Read More

Boozy Bouremouth And The Henge

My friend Paul (The one who filmed me, Gina Snake & Faye Filli in London) had been in touch with his friend from Bournemouth who runs a studio where they stream for a live solo girl phone in channel on … Read More

An Over Optimistic YouTuber…..

Ok so lately I have had to deal with a lot of idiots. And I mean a LOT of them. I won’t list them all as 1) I would be here for at least 13 hours 17 minutes and 11 … Read More

Phone Shaking And German Teddies

I had a really awesome day last summer in London doing a trial shift on a tv channel and then filming some videos for my profile on here with a few top splogers [:)] First I had to go to … Read More

Conjunctivitis Fucked My Shoots With Michelle B!

Man, did it suck big time!! I’d been really excited about going up north to stay with porn legend Michelle B and her boyfriend Matt for three days to shoot some content for our pages on here and of course … Read More

Friday Night Hot Tub Party!

This was the day I first met my now ex- housemate Dave Tubs, who organizes porn star hot tub parties and also the first time I met my good friend Barbie & her partner. It is also one of my … Read More

The Happy Hoarding Hippy!!!

Ok so there’s this really crazy dude I met through one of my friends when I used to live in my old house, who anyone who follows my Facebook or Twitter accounts will have seen me whittling on about, known … Read More

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