Lesbian Oil Wrestling And Wanky Spiders

I want to both laugh and shed a tear when I think about this day. It was a joint shoot with the manager of Erotic Wrestling company MWW Productions and Phil who runs Festelle Entertainment, which is one of the … Read More

Some Random Facts About Jessica Jensen!

I have a cross- dressing cat called Scampy who spends most days running around with women’s underwear on his head and has really thick eyelashes and lots of eyebrows that look very feminine. I have recently taken part in a … Read More

An Epic Day Shooting For One Tree Media

One of my favourite companies to shoot for is One Tree Media aka the All Fetish Network based in Kent, which is basically a network of several softcore websites catering for light fetishes ranging from knicker flashing to clothes ripping … Read More

“Freshers” And The Dog Who Couldn’t Turn Left

Last year, I had a really fun few days in Newcastle shooting for the Television X series “Freshers”, about student life, which was produced by the lovely Liselle Bailey [:)] I was living in Wales still at the time of … Read More

The Bonking Bin Man And The Cookie People!

Last year I was contacted by another Television X producer asking me to be in his new series called “The Bonking Bin Man”. It sounded like a right old laugh so I took him up on his offer! This was … Read More

The Legend Lady Sonia

Last year I contacted the legend that is Lady Sonia to see if she would be interested in shooting me for her website, and she said yes [:D] She is based quite far from me so I had a lovely … Read More

Shooting For Brooke-Lee Playmates

I was contacted last spring by the people behind the popular website Brooke Lee Playmates, asking me if I wanted to go and do a shoot for them. Their website is awesome and they have worked with loads of famous … Read More

Bluebird, Ben Dover & RedHot Tv

A couple more memorable shoots I did early on in my career were for the people listed in the title of this post. I had a call from a guy who worked for the company Bluebird to see if I … Read More

Television X Does Scarborough- Chariots Of Jizz!

One of the first films I ever did was for the popular tv channel Television X. I was asked to star in their 2012 Olympic Games Parody called “Chariots Of Jizz” which was shot in the very exotic and beautiful … Read More

I’m Blogging Bitches

Yep, the first one I’ve ever done- And I have no idea why I didn’t start doing this sooner. Everyone has been telling me that I should get a blog, as my life can be pretty crazy and I’ve always … Read More

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