Bluebird, Ben Dover & RedHot Tv

A couple more memorable shoots I did early on in my career were for the people listed in the title of this post. I had a call from a guy who worked for the company Bluebird to see if I … Read More

Television X Does Scarborough- Chariots Of Jizz!

One of the first films I ever did was for the popular tv channel Television X. I was asked to star in their 2012 Olympic Games Parody called “Chariots Of Jizz” which was shot in the very exotic and beautiful … Read More

I’m Blogging Bitches

Yep, the first one I’ve ever done- And I have no idea why I didn’t start doing this sooner. Everyone has been telling me that I should get a blog, as my life can be pretty crazy and I’ve always … Read More

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