Chumpers at Garage Festival 2015!

Last month me and Cookie were lucky enough to get tickets to Garage Fest in London- We had been excited about it for ages and it didn’t disappoint! We went with Cookie’s sister Niomi and her friend and had a drink with them at the house we were staying at before we left- We listened to garage CDs to get u in the mood and Niomi cooked us all a really nice roast so we weren’t drinking on an empty stomach. I am really shit at doing my own make up so Cookie did mine for me 🙂

Unfortunately two of the girls forgot their ID’s and were turned away so our Oyster cards took a good bashing making another journey from Elephant & Castle and back! When we finally made it inside at around midnight, we were thoroughly searched (A routine which I hope was also used on all the other party goers and  not because our group somehow looked dodgy.) They actually confiscated my anxiety pills which I wasn’t too happy about, especially as I know the kind of drugged up loons who often frequent these type of events, and they never fail to put me on edge, especially if they try to talk to me!

I certainly regret handing over those pills as the first thing we were confronted with was the disturbingly strong stench of piss and people falling over and arguing plus the additional bonus of a tramp asking for money for “food” (Of cpurse you would look for food at a glorified druggie/pisshead gathering). As much as I tried to avoid it, inevitably nature called, so armed with Cookie for protection, I braved the dreaded women’s toilets…….. To be confronted with a drunk woman wedged in between a bog and a wall, screaming profanities at everyone who dare meet her eye. We did our business and got the fuck out of there!

When we finally made it into the club though, it was fucking amazing!! There were rappers on the main stage with loads of lights and fireworks- We went right to the top floor and looked down over the whole stadium whilst dancing and taking selfies There were so many rooms, all with a different theme and live acts in most of them. We danced until the early hours of the morning and just forgot about all our stress. We got home around 6ish and went straight to bed as me and Cookie had to get up to go chump in Solihull the next day.

I had a wicked night- Yes there were a lot of rough people and druggies but I expected it from an event like that…. The beautiful fragrances of sweat, urine and feet were also arife throughout the evening, but we all agreed it was an amazing night and we can’t wait until Garage Fest 2016!