Come Vine With Me? Shooting For Erotica-Babes

I was lucky enough to get to work with the legendary photographer John Tisbury for his website Erotica- Babes. I had contacted him about work a couple of months before, and I get the impression he is selective about who he works with so I was so pleased when he said he wanted to work with me!! [:D]

His house is awesome and he has a studio in his garden where we did all the photos and filming… It also helps that John has a similar sense of humour to me! He introduced me to the weird & wonderful world of VINE- An app where you can make 6 second clips of anything you like and then post them to your blog/Twitter etc. I had never done one before but damn they are a laugh to film!! We shot several in between sets including me sucking a dildo trying to look all sexy an’ that, me sticking a shoe heel in my gob and me analyzing some of the images we had taken…… We also shot the rather sinister sounding “Both ends of Jessica Jensen on one screen” (Mixing up two different photos) which personally reminds me of the film The Human Centipede, although I can assure you I would not wish for my “ends” to be used the way they do in that film!!

The sets we shot were great- I don’t remember them all but we did a secretary one, one where I was struggling to get out of some chains around my legs and a couple of solo masturbation ones…. It was a lot of fun and the whole day was a great laugh!

I am shooting for Erotica- Babes again soon and can’t wait…. Plus I have now discovered the delights of Vine and am going to create my own account so that I can post 6 second videos of bullshit wherever and whenever I want!

With this post is a behind the scenes photo of me in my dressing gown between sets [:D]