Conjunctivitis Fucked My Shoots With Michelle B!

Man, did it suck big time!! I’d been really excited about going up north to stay with porn legend Michelle B and her boyfriend Matt for three days to shoot some content for our pages on here and of course was looking forward to the general banter & drinking antics that inevitably occur every time I go to stay with fellow performers!

I was fine the night before but whilst I was on the train the next day, I could feel my eye itching but thought it was just the fact I was wearing heavier make up. When I got to Michelle’s house we ate some rather awesome food then shot a totally awesome girl/girl scene (Evidence of which can be found in my Movie Clips section and private gallery) My eyes were fine then, but when we had finished the scene, we had a couple of drinks then went down to their local pub, and that’s when the problems started [:S] My eye was properly itching but again I didn’t really think anything of it. We had a great night at the pub apart from when an ignorant woman came over to talk to Michelle, her partner & their friend, and made a point of talking directly to all of them, but not me. I’m using to dealing with uneducated idiots though so I just smiled and drank me cider!

But yeah when I woke up the next day I couldn’t even open my eye cos the fucking thing was practically glued shut- I’d had conjunctivitis before so knew what it was but it was unpleasant all the same, and we were meant to be shooting a custom video for one of Michelle’s fans that afternoon! We did the video but I felt gross and to this day I feel sorry for her client as he was expecting a hot video of Michelle fucking a sexy blonde girl but ended up with Michelle looking hot and me looking like some kind of awkward gunked up alien… Actually it wasn’t that bad as her partner is great at shooting and me and Michelle are professional performers so sure the client was very satisfied with the product [;)]

It was poop though because we were going to shoot more photos and videos but couldn’t because by this point my eye was very swollen and there was no way I could have disguised it on camera. So we went to get me some eye drops from the pharmacist then for a meal at the pub before arranging for a taxi to take us to a nightclub in town that evening- Turned out it was gay night so I had a good laugh dancing and talking bollocks to some gay guys, all the while feeling paranoid that people were staring at my eye (Which in hindsight, I don’t actually think they were) It was a great night out and helped to take my mind off feeling gross, and we rounded off the night in a perfect classy way- With a nice greasy kebab and some Comedy Central on the tv [:D]

I headed home the next morning, a bit disappointed we weren’t able to do more, and I was also concerned I may have passed on the infection to Michelle or her boyfriend (I didn’t, luckily) When I got back I found out that a load of other people in the adult industry had also had conjunctivitis over the previous couple of weeks- You could even say there had been an outbreak as a few of my friends then caught it. The day after I got back home, I woke up with two gummy eyes so went to the doctor for more drops. I actually had a shoot a few days later which the producer didn’t want to cancel, so I did the scene with sunglasses on which was a bizarre experience to say the least. I looked like a genuine albino for a few days with my pale skin and pink eyes!!

The infection cleared up quickly though and I was back to work as usual the next week- It was shit that the trip didn’t go to plan, but I was pleased I got to meet Michelle & Matt and shoot some hot content- her official website has launched now and I hear the scene we did is popular so I guess it ain’t all bad!

I wanted to attach a photo of me with mid- conjunctivitis pink eyes, but I can’t seem to find the photos I took, so instead I have attached what is probably a more appealing photo of me and Michelle (The more explicit can be found in that elusive private gallery!)

Anyway I’ve got a Chinese takeaway on the way and a cat trying to lick my ear so until next time chuckle chompers!!