Cross Dressing Pie Throwing Facebook Stalker

Ever since I set up a Facebook account I really have seemed to attract a lot of… “interesting” individuals. One I encountered recently, I like to refer to as the “Custard Pie Guy”. It is quite clearly a man in drag, but he randomly started sending me messages a few moths back, pretending to be a woman. It was awkward because he genuinely seemed to think that I would believe he is actually female…. When it is quite obviously a dude in a dress with a stupid wig and OTT make up.

It started when he told me he wants to have a “girlie night in” with me, doing all the things “us girls” do such as making cocktails, giving each other makeovers, watching films, throwing custard pies at each other……. Yes- throwing pies at each other!! I was bemused to say the least as he just referenced it as though it was so normal! He then told me he has a big sexual fetish for having custard pies thrown at him and watching people throw pies at each other! I told him he’s talking to the wrong person about his sexual preferences but he continued to send me message after message about “sploshing” and “taking a pie”… He then told me he would love me to throw a pie at him, and do I prefer “taking a pie or throwing one”!

He still sometimes comments on my posts with remarks such as, “I would love you to wear that when you pie me”, plus he has this “thing” about wanting to come to parties with my friends and I- He “added” them all and is constantly asking us where we are going on nights out- He actually managed to get an invite to a party at a club in London but filed to bothered to show up!!

He still posts mad stuff on Facebook and just has this obsession with dressing in drag and watching people chuck custard pies at each other….. Plus he really thinks he is “one of the girls” and that we genuinely believe he is a woman!

I encounter so many funny people on a daily basis, I wouldn’t change my mad life for anything…. As I am writing this, Family Guy is on tv and they are singing about pies [:D]