I’m Blogging Bitches

Yep, the first one I’ve ever done- And I have no idea why I didn’t start doing this sooner. Everyone has been telling me that I should get a blog, as my life can be pretty crazy and I’ve always got things going on!

Anyway, welcome to my weird and wonderful world. I will have to start by writing about shoots I have done over the past several months up until the ones I have done more recently as there have been a lot, and I’ve also done a few things that I deem worthy of writing about….. I also enjoy talking nonsense, as anyone who knows me will have picked up on, so expect to see some of that chucked in for good measure also [:)]

However, today was a great day- I finally set up my hot tub in my garden and the weather was definitely perfect for it- if not a little bit TOO hot! I sat in there for ages and my friend took some photos, like the one next to this post [:D]

I’m also planning on designing my own official “logo” for when I get my own website, although I am not very creative and can be easily distracted so not come up with much so far!

Anyway, I’m watching some tv and webcamming now before bed so will do another, more interesting blog entry soon. I will leave you with a photo of me sat in the hot tub, I will do some more “naughtier” *wink wink, nudge nudge* photos in there over the coming weeks to go in my galleries on here!


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