First There Were Hedgehog HOARDERS…. Now enter hedgehog FRAUDSTERS!!

Ladies & gentlemen…. I present to you a WARNING of a heinous new scam sweeping the uk- HEDGEHOG FRAUD!!
Apparently some criminal masterminds from Chigwell are stealing photos of random “pedigree” hogs from Facebook groups, and falsely advertising them as “for sale” on their own website…. Then, when they have lured prospective new owners to their gaff with the intent to purchase a spiky chum, these juvenile delinquents pretend there’s been a “mix up of sales” and attempt to convince their victims that maybe they’d prefer to splash their cash (quite literally) on a frog, or some other weird pond animal that they are hoarding in their garden. (Y) Before they know it, these poor twats have lighter wallets, a sob story and a car full of crickets and tadpoles.
This is a true story by the way- Just Google “hedgehog fraud”…. I didn’t post the link as I wanted to share the sordid story in my own unique way. Either way, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!