Flat Warming Week!

The second week after I moved into my new West Sussex home one of my best friends, Sasha came to stay with me for a few days. We did a big food shop at Asda first to last us the week, then that evening Sasha taught me step by step how to cook Shephard’s Pie. The next day we made spaghetti & meatballs which was fun as it meant getting a bit messy! We had a drink the first evening then for the rest of the week just worked and chilled out. She also helped me to assemble my new glass coffee table and get the best deal when ordering flat- pack bedroom furniture. I have next to no experience in DIY and cooking, so it gave me a confidence boost to learn some new things, even though I knew I would more than likely forget over time. I really want to learn to cook so that when I get a new boyfriend I can cook all his favourite food for him!

At the end of the week Sasha’s brother Anthony came over in his camper van, and so did my other two good friends Andy and Eva. Sasha wet to the supermarket to buy alcohol and came back with 3 bottles of Vodka, 4 bottles of wine and a crate of beer, so we knew we couldn’t go dry that night! We wasted no time in getting wasted and then descended on the local pubs. We didn’t have much luck however, as my local decided that they don’t approve of people drinking and laughing in their venue, and we were swiftly given the boot out the door after consuming no more than one pint each! We managed to get chucked out of Weatherspoons too for reasons none of us are sure of. The staff must have been sure though as not only did they bar us, they also called up all the other pubs in the local area to “warn” them about us! We ended up in some small old bloke pub by my flat as that was the only place we could get in…… Still didn’t stop us going out the next night though- we just went to a different part of town.

The quote of the night goes to Eva- In trying to work out Andy’s sexuality (He is straight she proceeded to seriously ask him, “Do you like anal?” He was stumped as to what she meant haha. A brilliant time was had by all and I felt so happy to be doing “normal” things with my friends in my flat which I love. I really nice how miserable I really was living in Gillingham surrounded by memories of my past.

Here’s to many many more fun and happy memories in my wonderful new home town!