Friday Night Hot Tub Party!

This was the day I first met my now ex- housemate Dave Tubs, who organizes porn star hot tub parties and also the first time I met my good friend Barbie & her partner. It is also one of my favourite memories from 2012 [:D] I had been chatting to Dave for ages about shooting for the website he used to run, but we never managed to arrange anything. I then became friendly with a model called Kali Ryder who was good friends with him at the time and she invited me to a get together he was having at his house, which was basically a massive piss- up with girls getting naked in the hot tub!! My friend Paul was also going to the party so I decided to go as well. I also agreed with Kali that we would shoot a scene together in the hot tub as one of the guys going to the party was a professional camera man and he agreed to film us. [;)]

Kali only lived a few towns away from me so I met her on the train with a bottle of Apple Vodka and we had a drink on the way up to Berkshire whilst having lots of laughs and taking photos of random things including the pink rubber duck Kali brought with her as Dave’s website “thing” was having lots of rubber ducks in the hot tub! It was a really fun train journey.

Dave met us at the station and we went to his house where Paul was waiting for us (But not before we stopped at the Co-Op to get alcohol and cigarettes along the way of course). The plonk was brought out from the fridge almost as soon as we arrived and we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine whilst chatting about all manner of random stuff, as this was the first time I had ever met Kali or Dave so had loads to talk about and we all had a really good laugh. Dave dressed up as “Professor Tubs” (The character he played on the website he used to run) and me and Kali put on bikinis and we took some photos which was pretty fun.

Then we decided to shoot the scene to get that sorted as we were starting to get a little bit tipsy! The camera man filmed a really hot girl/girl with me and Kali in the hot tub and I later found out she had never done anything with a girl on or off film before… It was a beautiful, emotional moment. Actually it was, as I was pissed by that point and made a big deal out of congratulating her on losing her lesbian filming virginity! The photos from this shoot can be found in my private gallery in the album “Me & Kali Ryder”- I’ll be honest in saying they aren’t the best set of photos ever as the room was quite steamy and some of our make up had come off plus we look a bit pissed but hey, it’s still two girls fucking each other in a hot tub and is worth a look, right? RIGHT!!! The video will be coming to my page shortly too.

Yeah so we shot all that stuff and then another model and her fiancee came round the house to have some photos taken and to join the party- Barbie Stroker and her partner who now calls himself Ken… They have gone on to be good friends of mine, so that evening definitely was an evening of firsts! [:D] Barbie had some photos taken and we then all got in the hot tub while another guy, Matt took some photos of us messing around and then filmed us talking absolute nonsense about wine, cats and digging holes- I think that video is still floating around somewhere on Youtube, but when I watched it back I thought a few of us sounded really big headed and like drunken idiots (Which we were) so I won’t be advertising the link on here!

After we did the Youtube video we all just got more drunk and chatted in the kitchen… Paul had to leave early in the morning and he was slurring his words a bit so he went to bed, then the others left bit by bit until it was just me, Kali and Dave listening to music and chatting. Kali was drunk though so she randomly peeled a cheese string to bits while I took photos of it then she went to bed, so it was just me and Dave… We stayed up until 5am listening to really stupid songs on my phone and discussing whether or not Kanye West is a gay fish (We came to the conclusion that he is) until we literally were so drunk & tired that we went to sleep.

The next day I woke up to a cat falling on my head from the window ledge of the bedroom I was in, and another cat staring at me from the pillow next to me, which turned out to be a typical way to wake up in the Tubs household!! Me, Dave and Kali hung out eating junk food & watching tv most the morning until I had to go home as I had plans with family that evening.

I had an awesome time at my first ever hot tub party and when I rented one of the rooms in Dave’s house several months after, we had a lot more piss ups and general hi-jinx in that house… I live by myself in Kent now, but hopefully there will be more parties at the Tubzy mad house next summer that I can go to!! It was a brilliant evening and I met some people who are still my good friends now, although Kali quit the adult industry shortly after this party so I only got to meet her the once.

A photo of me & Kali slightly merry on the train is to the left of this post [:)]