A few moths ago I was lucky enough to chosen by a very talented drector to star in his new series for Television X, which was a parody of the popular TV show “Gogglebox” called “Gobblecocks”.

I really enjoyed shootimg for this although I was having a few relationship problems at the time so was a bit hyper and on edge so not too sure what everyone thought of me- But then I am different to most girls in the adult industry so am used to people not always knowing how to take me.

I had my hair and make up done really nice and I did a behind te scenes video blog for them which had them all laughing although I can’t remember now what I even said! My scene was with two guys, Justin Round and a new guy called Alex who I went on to be mates with after we drank some beers together on the tube after the shoot. It was quite a unique, outrageous scene but it’s not been screened yet so I cannot write what happens in it!

I had a great day though as always for Television X, and a national magazine did a funny feature on it where they said they didn’t have a clue who my character was based on in the actual series haha.