Haunted House Or No?

This sounds really mental but is actually a really good thing to happen to me. I currently live in hotels working every day as I swear I will never go back to my house in Medway after some of the weird shit that has gone on lately! I had always felt there was a bad vibe to that place after the first few months I moved in. It was always cold no matter how high I had the heating and I would sometimes feel cold breezes on my neck even though the windows were shut almost always.

The last straw for me in that house was when my little hamster Splodge sadly passed away and a couple of nasty people I work with started saying I had left him to die while I went out on the piss which is absolute bullshit as my friends always looked after him when I went away! I was devastated by all this and just needed to get out the house. I went on tour to Leeds last month then made the decision to not go back to the house and just live and work from hotels like my friend does until I find a new home- All I need is 6 months deposit to put down as I did not declare enough money last year or something like that. Living out of hotels may sound weird but I actually really enjoy it because I don’t have to worry about the negative energy in that house making me feel depressed and I get to travel around and have new adventures every week!

The creepiest thing though was when my friend Chantelle stayed in the house last week to work- She rang me at 3am shit scared saying she had to get out of there because she could sense something in the house with her and felt like she had to leave. This freaked me out big time as Chantelle doesn’t know anything about the “bad vibes” in that place or the fact I hate it there!

I also found out this week that the guy who lived there before me said he found it creepy too and even the estate agents said they don’t blame me for wanting to leave! I am not too sure what t think about all this but I am going back there this Friday to pack all my stuff up and get rid of anything I don’t need, plus wash and swap over all my clothes as it looks as though I will be on the road for at least another few weeks before I can move into a new home which I am hoping will be in Surrey……. However no fucking way will I be staying in the house when I go back- Hell no, I have booked a hotel…… 5 minutes walk from the place. That is how disturbing I find it! I will even pay off my landlord to let me leave if it comes to that- I will find out about this matter next week.

I already have three months rent upfront for my new place and off to Liverpool Tuesday so hoping to come back with at least another month or two’s worth……. So yeah right now I live in a hotel because I am too weirded out to go back to the house I am currently paying rent for. Who said porn was all glamorous???