Hijab Abuse In Public Social Experiment

Last month I teamed up with two other female comedy actresses, Narin and Charlotte to do a controversial social experiment involving the Muslim Hijab. (The veil which cover’s the womens’ full bodies). Charlotte wanted to see how people in central London would react to her approaching them and saying/doing various “good deeds”. I was playing a racist who to conclude the experiment, whilst she was singing in public, heckled her and ultimately threw eggs at her!  Of course just to clarify this was all ACTING, as anyone who knows me and has a brain cell will know I am not racist.

The aim was to see how members of the general public would react to her approaching them and me cussing her and behaving in a racist manner. Sadly, not all the people Charlotte approached were receptive of her friendly advances and hurried past, with one man even tutting and shaking his head at her. I think she has Muslim relatives so this must have felt unpleasant for her. Luckily however, when I played my part, several people around intervened. We did this twice in different parts of Trafalgar Square and got good reactions both times. It was fucking nerve racking for me as it started to get a bit out of hand at one point, which you will have to watch the video to witness!

Thanks to Charlotte’s bravery and great acting, and to Narin’s ever improving camera skills mixed with very good editing, this has become one of my most viewed videos on YouTube!

You can watch the full social experiment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pufOhw5GZ_I

Check out Narin’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/NarinOz_

Check out Charlotte’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/chachachacharlo/media