Hot Tub Antics And Sleeping In Pubs

This actually happened in the summer so before the UKAP awards but I only just remembered it and have no idea how to swap around posts!

I can’t remember why exactly but me and some of my friends went back to Dave Tubs’ house to have a party (Well I guess there’s my answer) It was nice to see people I hadn’t seen for a while. A few did shoots for their websites while we were there as Dave had loads of new professional camera equipment, but I was mainly there for the social element and to go in the hot tub [:D]

Some people were a bit boring and went home after they did a shoot, but I met a really cool guy called Martin who wanted to be a porn stud and he was really good from what I heard from a couple of models! He was a proper Essex boy, said phrases such as “Mugging me off” and “geezer” a lot and had a strong accent. He was really funny too and we had such a laugh when me, him, Dave, Paul and a couple of others went down the pub- We had so much in common and the same stupid sense of humour (So cue lots of toilet humour, mostly at Dave’s expense) When we got back from the pub we all went on the hot tub and made a lot of noise- So much so that a neighbour came out and told us to shut up, but he ended up coming over for a beer! Dave took his trunks off though and that wasn’t cool. No one needs to see that shit. I ended up sleeping in bed with Paul that night (No funny business) as we were tired by midnight which isn’t usually like us, so we just sat and talked about random stuff until the early hours then fell asleep.

The next day was so lovely and sunny that me Paul and Martin went straight in the hot tub. My friend Barbie and her fiancee also came over plus a new model who was lovely and we spent most the afternoon splashing around in the hot tub. We cracked open the wine and hung out chatting about all kind of different things. Dave had to deliver a hot tub somewhere that day and by the time he got home we were all singing R Kelly songs in the tub [:D] Me and Martin wanted a night out so we decided to go to his home town in Essex and invite out one of our mutual friends who lived there and then stay at her place, which she agreed to.

We went to a pub in a place called Chafford Hundred (Really funny name for a town) as Martin and our other friend knew the people- A really nice couple called Nicky and Lisa who I am still in touch with over a year later. They did a lock in for us and we drank free booze all night and played loads of songs on the jukebox [:D] Then me and my friends felt too tired to catch a taxi back so Nicky just let us sleep on the sofas in the pub! We all had very sore heads the next morning but it was worth it as it was such a great night- In fact the whole weekend was fantastic!!

I love spontaneous nights out like that where we create funny memories that we still laugh about now- I have made some awesome friends over the last couple of years!!

The photo in this post is of me messing around in Dave Tubs’ kitchen!