I HATE Online Sex Pests

Does what it says on the tin!!! I fucking hate them…… Well actually that’s not 100% true. I find them amusing to some extent as I like to take screen shots of their inbox messages and post them so all my Facebook friends can see them!

Since I started out in the adult industry I have had (on average) 10 marriage proposals, 3 death threats, 5 angry women complaining that their partners had added me as a “friend”, and countless photos of DISGUSTING PENISES!!!!! I see enough willies when I am in work…. I DO NOT NEED TO SEE YOURS!!! It will not impress me, make you cool, or put you in with a “chance” with me. It just makes you look like a knob. (Ahem) Same goes with over optimistic Twitterers!

I also despise of guys who are overly…. errrrr…. I think this is the correct word- “needy”….. The ones who send about 3 messages per hour just saying “hi”,”hru” or “wuu2 bbz” then when you fail to reply to this high form of intellect, you become the recipient of the constant “Why don’t u talk” usually followed by the “Have I done something wrong hun?” or “Are u mad at me babes?” STOP IT. This is RI-DI-CU-LOUS!!! How could you possibly have offended me when I don’t even know you?!

I also don’t like it when guys assume that when girls work in porn:

.) We have sex with every single male/female/fuckable object we come into contact with, ever.

.) We spend every milli- sec of every second of every hour of every day thinking about having sex with males/females/fuckable objects.

.) We go to the corner shop wearing skimpy skirts/dresses/heels/full makeup/totally naked.

.) We are incapable of taking a romantic relationship any further than having a “fuck buddy”.

All the shit I’ve listed above actually makes me laugh (in doses) but I can see other girls’ points that after hearing it all day on webcam/phone chat etc, it could become highly frustrating!

And that ladies & gentlemen, is not only my views on sex pests, but also the most feminist crap you are likely to ever hear me say/type/write/whatever.

Off to bed now as I have an appointment at Harley Street to get my teeth whitened tomorrow.

Laters, chump chums!!