I think I can finally discuss Game Of Thrones!!

As I am sure you all know (It gained worldwide coverage) in 2013 I had a small role in an episode of the extremely popular tv show Game Of Thrones! I was bind to a contract until the episode aired saying I was not allowed to disclose any info about it on social media (Which I managed to go one better and did an article for Page 3 of The Sun newspaper about it).

However I think I can talk about it now that the episode was aired last year….. As far as experiences go, it wasn’t actually that great. My flight to Belfast was horrendous- am a bad flyer as it is so with the added turbulence made this particular flight even more shit! When I got there I went to my friend Satine Spark’s room as she was also in the series but had to go to bed soon after as it was late and we had the joys of a 4:30am start.

I had breakfast the next day with Satine then we were picked up to go to the location. I had to wait ages for hair and make up and I didn’t really know anyone other than Satine so felt bored and a bit excluded. I was put in natural make up and a brown curly wig that didn’t quite fit properly. More waiting. It was around late afternoon that I was eventually called and the set was made to look like roman baths. I was playing a hooker (So nothing like real life of course) and I had to walk down the steps into the bath and feed fruit to some dude with long hair.

The annoying thing was that all the others just got to sit in a hot tub all day but I had to keep getting in and out- Thee was a woman who’s sole job for the day appeared to be handing me a towel, dressing gown and slippers! We actually did about 50+ takes so I was pretty cold and tied by the end of the evening. We finished around 10pm then me and some of the other girls in the scene went for drinks- I met a really nice one called Anoushka- Turns out me know a few of the same people in the modelling industry and we sat by the fire and drank wine until we literally had to go to bed as we had early flights.

I did enjoy being on the show although as expected, I caught a cold not long after returning to England due to the constant getting in and out of warm water! Everyone keeps asking me if it was exciting to meet the cast- My answer is always no as I have never watched the how in my life and probably never will so I don’t know who plays which character plus they all kinda looked a bit miserable to me- Although I guess if this is their lives all day every day for a year then yeah all the early starts and waiting around would piss me off too.

I didn’t get asked back the next year- Quite possibly because I did a story for Page 3 where I don’t think I revealed anything too private but I guess I broke the contract. I got a load of publicity from the whole thing though which was awesome and now I get escort bookings purely from the fact I was on the show!