I Won “Best Newcomer” At The 2012 UKAP Awards!!!

Yeah man, you know that shit!!! It was probably my favourite moment of 2012 and a fucking awesome night regardless of who won what [:D]

Me and my friend had a hotel room quite near to the venue and before we went to the awards I tried my hand at being behind the camera for a change as I filmed a girl/girl scene between Tempest Raven & Lucy Lane for their websites… Tempest’s partner did the other camera and it was a really good scene, not like some of the amateur crap that gets filmed in hotels- This was some GOOD SHIT!!! We had a few drinks in the room then Willie Shafter and a new stud called Jamie Rockett came over and we headed out to the party as there were too many people in the room by this stage!

We talked bollocks in the taxi over then had a bit of trouble finding the actual venue… We had to walk for a bit and the weather was total crap so our hair was quite a sight by the time we got there and my make up had run which I wasn’t too pleased about.

I saw loads of my friends at the venue and spent a lot of time sat outside chatting and having my picture taken with various people, some of which I had never seen before in my life but after a few drinks we were all hugging each other and acting like best mates!

For some reason the awards were to be read out at 11pm, so by this point everyone was nice and drunk and raring to go [:P] I was pretty nervous as I knew I was in for a chance of winning but the other girls nominated were all really good performers and nice girls so I had no idea who would win…. But it was me!!! [:D] [:D] [:D] I was so happy as I had worked really hard for the previous year and had worked with loads of awesome people, so was so happy that others in the adult industry voted for me (It was industry vote that year, not fan votes- I would have been screwed had it been fan voting as I suck at engaging with them!!) I had also been in the business less than a year so to me that was a great achievement!! I remember going to the 2011 awards when I had literally just started out and didn’t know anyone- I saw another girl win and thought “That will be me next year”- And then it was!! I accepted my award in the classiest of manners- I tripped getting on the stage, belched into the microphone, waffled on about how much it meant to me then told everyone how wasted I was and gave the microphone to someone else!

A few girls apparently made bitchy remarks about me winning, but I really didn’t care as I just felt so pleased to have been recognised for my hard work- Although everyone who was nominated had worked hard so in the cheesiest terms possible, “Everyone was a winner”!! A couple of my friends won awards for their films too which I was really pleased about [:)]

I keep my award on the mantelpiece in my house as it is a reminder of a  fantastic evening spent with awesome people!!

The attached photo is of me and some others, a few drinks after the awards had been given out!