Ikkle update on my latest acting roles……

I’ve done way too much stuff recently to list it all, but just thought I would put a small update here as I’ve had an extremely productive month!

I now work for a YouTube comedy/prank channel called SNG TV with a couple of former members of Trollstation and a few other actors I have met along the way! I actually met the main cameraman, Seb at a shoot for the spoof trailer for a new feature film named “Brash Young Turks” which was so much fun. We were playing extras but I guess I impressed as I got invited back to shoot a speaking part! These two days were possibly two of the best I had in the latter part of 2015! SNG have an amazing year coming up as it is made up of a talented, diverse group of actors who are passionate about our work and wanting to succeed. Cheers guys!

Another AWESOME shoot I really enjoyed was playing a lead actress for the rock band King Korea. The song hasn’t been released yet so I don’t think I can say much more about it, other than it is crazy, freaky and right up my street! I loved the hair and make up and the band and other actors were very talented. When the video is released, I will post the link. *Insert thumbs up symbol here*.

I also played a lead dancer/actress in a music video for a rapper called Kylo Black, who admittedly I had never heard of, but apparently he has a large following. I couldn’t get over how amazing the hair & make up artists made me look- I wish I could attach more than one image to this post…. If I ever have another shoot or event to go to in Birmingham, I know I will definitely be contacting them, especially the dude who did my hair!

A few weeks back I also participated in an advert for Coca Cola, kinda acting/kinda playing myself/kinda being made to answer weird questions about the famous fizzy drink. I met a rather cool stand up comedian/actor named Alex who I had a good laugh with….. He will also hopefully be joining the SNG comedy team as we have a few ideas for stupid public pranks- The more random and stupid, the better in my eyes!!

I have LOADS of projects coming up, some I will post about, and some I will have to ask permission to post about……  Big up all the talented, creative, wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with over the past few months, and may Stephen Mulhern be ever in your favour!

P.S. The attached image is behind the scenes on my Brash Young Turks shoot 🙂