I’m going mainstream baby- My first prank!

Doing what I have always known I was born to do- comedy!! I had a difficult time over Christmas with my private life and drinking- I ended up on a drip at A&E on Boxing Day because I drank way too much over Christmas. Whilst I was recovering I made an effort to watch as much comedy and light hearted things as I could because I was in a very dark place of my mind back then and actually scared myself at some of the thoughts I was having about people in my life.

I somehow stumbled across a prank channel called Trollstation which had me in stitches within minutes at the crazy public pranks they pull! Their videos cheered me up when I felt too ill to get out of bed so I tweeted them to tell them, then I told them that is the kind of video I want to be making as I have next to no shame and love winding people up and seeing their reactions.

After exchanging some emails and phone calls we agreed to do a social experiment/mini prank in Soho, loosely based around domestic violence (Something I have had a lot of real life experience of). The theme was pimps and hoes where Nathan who is a big black guy is demanding money from me in the street. Things get heated (And very noisy) before the prank comes to a head where I smash a (fake) bottle over his head and he falls to the floor. The public did fuck all to help either me or him haha they just looked disgusted!! Bit worrying really but I loved the thrill of all the attention ad reactions we received. I love to shock and mess around. especially in public so I know I will be the perfect addition to their team! I want to change the stereotypes of adult actresses and prove we are not all robotic bimbos and that girls can prank too and have a twisted sense of humour….. Stay tuned to my next post to read about the next prank we did- The real story behind 50 Shades Of Grey which resulted in me and the other actor receiving a permanent ban from John Lewis on Oxford Street!! I am so exited at this shot at mainstream that I now have and hope it will lead to many other roles and maybe even mainstream fame!

You can see the Pimp bottling prank here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l1DjRpHtVE Yes I know it is back to front but some loon kept reporting the video so we had to alter it slightly.

You can also follow Trollstation on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/TrollstationYT