Lesbian Oil Wrestling And Wanky Spiders

I want to both laugh and shed a tear when I think about this day.

It was a joint shoot with the manager of Erotic Wrestling company MWW Productions and Phil who runs Festelle Entertainment, which is one of the biggest Erotic wrestling/Catfighting companies in the world. Phil is loaded- he has a mansion and the most beautiful garden. I’d love to be able to afford a place like that one day, but minus the posse of long legged spiders who inhabited the studio area as that shit ain’t cool! I’m fucking terrified of spiders- Just thinking about them is making me shiver… Yet when I went to Pontins on holiday as a kid, I used to jump at the chance to let a tarantula crawl up my arm when they did magic acts with cockroaches & stuff. Weird.

So anyway, about the actual shoot. I used to be really close friends with the guy who owned MWW Productions, Steve his name is. He was one of my best mates and we always had such a laugh together. Plus he grew up very near to where I did although I never knew him until I started doing this job…. I say I “used to” be close friends as we no longer speak due to a number of reasons. [:(] Both of us at fault, although I genuinely believe we will both grow the fuck up one day and make up…. Maybe.

Steve picked me up from my house and we had a mini road trip to Surrey- The shoot was with two other models- Cherry Bomb & Amy Latina, who are both lovey and sexy girls [;)] It was to be a softcore sexy wrestling and girl girl/shoot, doing about 6 scenes in total. We recorded a stupid video on the way to the mansion, which just basically involved us screaming and talking shit- I expect it is still doing the rounds somewhere on Youtube!

The fist scenes or “matches” was girl/girl oil wrestling and I had to wrestle Cherry first and then Amy. I’m really quite physically weak so expected to do shit but I actually did quite well… Even though it was hardly competitive wrestling- more like just rolling around on some mats rubbing baby oil all other each other and looking all sexy & shit! I had to hang around a fair bit while the other girls shot their scenes together so I entertained myself by stealing Steve’s phone and taking photos of interesting objects such as toilets and clocks. I also took some great photos of myself gurning and set one of them as his phone screensaver. I also recorded the sound of the toilet flushing and set it as his ringtone He wasn’t too impressed but I thought it was pretty funny. Well I had to pass the time somehow, and I couldn’t use my phone at all as the reception there was fucking awful and I had no signal at all for the duration of the day.

The next set of scenes were for a series called “Loser Gets Fucked” It was basically a normal wrestling match where the girl that loses gets fucked with a strapon by the winner… Fun times and a good laugh, plus it was the first time I had ever used a strapon on someone. It was a slightly bizarre experience to say the least but the footage looked good so can’t have looked too awkward. It was all very messy too as i was drenched in oil and my hair was dripping with the stuff. To round off the day we did a threesome scene, again with ridiculous amounts of baby oil. The creepy spiders in the studio were having the time of their lives watching all the action, the fucking long legged pervy cunts. I kept worrying as well that they would be wanking so furiously that that may fall and land on me. I told this to Phil. Phil told me I’m odd. I agreed with Phil.

I really enjoyed the day and I heard the scenes came out looking really hot…. I had so much fun and it was a pleasure to work with such lovely and professional models. Unfortunately a week after the shoot I came out in a horrible rash all over my body which initially I though may have been due to an allergic reaction from something in the baby oil, but I then found out it was just a virus and I was given some cream which made the rash fade… It sucked ass though as I couldn’t work for a few weeks and it was a pretty persistent rash. Luckily it wasn’t itchy or painful though which I was grateful for, just looked horrible. A lot of time was spent in the pub for those few weeks I couldn’t work.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on as I am sure the thought of me covered head to toe in a big red rash isn’t really what you want to be reading about… Just advert your eyes back to the part where I was rubbing baby oil into another girls’ tits…. I will leave you with a photo of me, Cherry and Amy from the shoot. I am the one in the middle.