Moving To Berkshire!

I am writing this at 1am so will probably make some typos but who gives a shit!

Towards the end of 2012 I realised that I really needed to move out of the town I lived in with my parents in Wales, as I was getting so much shit from people I went to school with on Twitter and even face to face in the pub/town centre etc, plus I really needed to be closer to London for work as I was travelling there at least once a week at all hours of the day and night which was tiring. Plus I was having to turn down work as I was unable to get to the locations on time as many shoots started earlier in the morning.

Very conveniently, at the time I decided I needed to move out, Dave Tubs posted on Facebook that he was looking for a lodger at his house in Berkshire at the start of 2013! We get on really well plus he has a hot tub in his garden FFS so it was a no brainer really. I moved in on the 4th January, after a very emotional farewell to my family and cats. It was such a big deal to me as I had always lived in that town with my parents so it was a huge step to move so far away… Even though I knew living with Dave was going to be a good laugh- And it was [:)] He had 4 cats too, which was great as I have always grown up with cats and his were adorable!

We had some hilarious times and brilliant parties when I moved in and best of all I could webcam all day and make more money as I didn’t have to worry about my parents being around!!! [:P] The banter between me and Tubs is always really funny and can get quite obscene……. Plus he had a habit of leaving his Facebook unattended when he was signed in so I used to frape him all the time with some really immature but in my opinion, hilarious statuses.

Here are a few of the most memorable frapes I subjected Tubs to:

1.) “I did a little fart and it followed through, so in other words……. I JUST SHAT MYSELF!!!!!”

2.) I dare say one would rather enjoy penetrating Harry Hill’s buttocks with one’s weiner.

3.) I love the film Twilight, where that girl kisses Robert Patterson. I wish that was me….. Kissing Robert Patterson.

…….. And many more. He was a dumbass for leaving his Facebook open for abuse in the first place!! He was fraped……….. In his own home. Oh the shame!!!

I only lived with Dave for 6 months as could afford my own place after a while, but I had one hell of a time living there and we are still friends [:D]