My Awesome (Reasonably) New Venture Into Stand Up Comedy!

Ever since I was around nine years old, I have always wanted to work in the comedy industry doing acting and/or stand up, and always kind of believed that one day I would achieve this. I’ve also never really spoke about it to many people, but early 2013 when I first decided to embark on my weird and wonderful career, I actually wrote on a piece of paper these exact words: “In five years time I will be working in the mainstream acting and comedy industry”. Unfortunately, I believe these elusive scribbles got banished to the rubbish bin at my mum’s house, when she was removing the borderline hoard that had accumulated in our attic over the years. All that aside though, I did what it said on that mothersnufflin’ tin, didn’t I?! I didn’t give up, and whilst I may have endured some very unpleasant experiences throughout the previous five years, I am still here, and as of late 2016, have plopped myself firmly on the stand up comedy ladder! (As well as still performing in the sketches and pranks I perform in, of course- definitely not giving those up!)

I have only actually performed several times, but out of those, only two have been open mic nights, and the rest at venues/events where I have been specifically booked- something I see as being quite the honour! 😀 So far, I have opened/headlined a night at London Fashion Week, featured on a “new acts” show for the Sky Arts channels, performed at a high end corporate event, and most recently, performed at the premiere of late Eastender’s star Leslie Grantham’s last (but one) film. Not bad for one starting up, stand up splodger!!

I currently have another “New Talent” stand up segment for Sky Arts to prepare for, due to be filmed and screened later this year, plus a comedy parody of the ITV2 show “Love Island” (Although in my, and I am sure many others’ opinions, the original show is indeed a comedy in itself!) I am also halfway through the filming of a comedy fantasy web series, and also have a series of around nine short comedy sketches due to be released throughout the summer! I am also hoping to include augmented reality in my future live shows, which is something not many comics are doing. So, all in all, things are looking pretty erect and sturdy for THE SHARD’s comedy shenanigans!!