My First Merry Christmas In Six Years!

Yes, seriously! The last pleasant, stress free Christmas was in 2013, when I had not long moved to Kent, and went back to stay with my parents. Every festive season since then, has had some element of distress for me, be it my past addiction to self destruction, people getting drunk and fighting in my home, and even one person aggressively chucking my Christmas tree, trimmings, baubles an’ all, around the house. There would always be some big argument or unnecessary disturbing behaviour occurring around me…. Until Christmas 2019!

I have lived in my new North London home with my five awesome, talented housemates for just over two months now, and I have never felt so peaceful and relaxed in general, however it really did mean so much to me to be able to spend Christmas in an amazingly calm, positive environment, where I felt welcome and respected in my own home. My Christmas tree stayed firmly grounded and in tact, and my bedroom looked beautiful, as I made the effort to decorate it as festive and cheerful as I could. It ended up looking very similar to how I used to decorate my room in my parents’ home!

I got up early and opened a week’s worth of online purchases that I had pre ordered to arrive Christmas week, so that I would forget what the contents were and have the feeling of being a child again opening presents under the tree! There were a LOT of parcels for me to unwrap. In case you had not guessed, I REALLY like online shopping!!! 😀 I spent the morning burning a lovely ginger essential oil, whilst talking to my friends, browsing social media, and blasting Christmas classics on YouTube! In the afternoon, I went for a long walk around my area and looked at all the impressively lit houses. There are some beautiful mansions ans posh streets near where I live, that are also really peaceful, so it was such a lovely walk. I even found an Italian restaurant that was open, which was a nice surprise as I did not expect anything to be open that day! I had a small meal and a nice coffee. In the evening, I just relaxed in my room and watched the 2008 Gavin & Stacey Christmas episode, plus half the season after it! I talked to my mum and friends online, then had a jacuzzi session before going to bed just after 1am. It was such a wonderful day. Usually I would be hiding away, waiting for the festivities to end, or getting so drunk that i wasn’t even aware of them at all, but not this year. I would have gone to the gym on Christmas Day too if one had been open!

I got up early on Boxing Day and went to the huge awesome leisure centre by my house and did an intense cardio and weights workout, with 500 ab crunches variations thrown in at the end, just because! I then went to Wood Green shopping centre and bought some great bargains in the sales, including two beautiful medieval style tops which are perfect for day to day wear, or photo shoots, which I also fully intend to use them for, as I have lots of shoots coming up with amazing photographers/designers/companies, including Harvey Nichols and Hereshon’s Hair Salon again in the new year!

I know I have said it many times, and will keep on saying it- I feel truly blessed to be finally living in peace, surrounded by support and positivity! Oh and I have no doubt that there will be some weirdo or another who will claim I am exaggerating/lying about being so happy. Well I can safely reassure you that I am not. I find it very difficult to say one thing whilst thinking another, and I generally express myself by simply saying how I feel in that exact moment (Unless it is likely to offend of course, and then I wouldn’t say anything at all) and I am pretty snuffling certain that all I have been feeling lately is overwhelming happiness and motivation!

Yours Shardly shall be splatting and splodging into 2020 as though it’s perfectly erect structure depends on it!!!