My YouTube Channel!

I had been planning to start a YouTube channel for the last year but things kept getting in the way, like relationship problems and the fact every laptop I bought kept breaking! (One was dropped and the other had water damage twice)


But now I have it up and running! So far there are only two videos on there but as soon as I get some spare time I am going to film lots more with my friends- The main thing I want to do is prank people as I have always enjoyed seeing different reactions, especially in public.

I also plan to do a domestic violence social experiment with Cherry Delainy like I have seen others do, but I won’t write too much about it yet as I don’t know when it will be taking place yet…. I have seen others’ domestic experiments but I want mine and Cherry’s to stand out and be unique!

Like this website, I want my YouTube channel to stand out from other performers/models’ pages- I want to shock and even disgust people at some of the bizarre and obscene things me and my friends do- I love to cause reactions and sometimes shake things up a bit as so many people I have met over the last couple of years in the modelling/porn industry have all just been bland and clones of each other…. especially some of the newer girls now- We need more models with individual personalities!! Errrrr…… Actually I take that back. No we don’t, as I would have to work just that little bit harder!

Anyway I am off to watch “The Ring” and try a new herbal tea I bought today so I will leave you with the link to my channel and a photo of me and Satine Spark who features in one (and hopefully many more) of my videos.

My YouTube: