One Night In Valencia

2013 was such an awesome year for me because I got the opportunity to visit some beautiful countries and shoot for some great European producers!

In September I flew out to Valencia in Spain to shoot three boy/girl scenes and one solo for FA Kings- I loved every minute of it!! When I got there the guy who runs the company met me at Starbucks and we had a coffee then went straight to the studio to shoot. My first scene was with Kevin White and the “plot” was that I had met him in a night club and the night resulted in some epic penetration of my vagina. Kevin is really nice and so were all the crew and we had a great day! We also went to a nudist beach of all places to shoot a few photos and a little intro clip of me saying that when I visit Spain I love to visit this beach…. In reality I couldn’t imagine anything I’d rather do less in another country than go to a nudist beach! There was an old naked chap with a beard there smiling at us and talking on the phone in Spanish. He kind of sounded gay but I’m not sure if gay Spanish people have the same sounding voices as gay British people. I shot a short solo scene too at the studio then Mel took me to the hotel I was staying at… It was a 5 star one and had a jacuzzi, swimming pool and gym in it and my room was massive!

I debated whether or not to get a bottle of wine that evening but I knew I had to be up early to film hte next day so I just went for a walk around the shopping centre that my hotel was attached on to..,. I bought some pink leggings and some perfume that I didn’t really need, but it was all so cheap that I just thought why the hell not. I went to a pizza place where they did some awesome garlic bread that had garlic and cheese on both sides- I’d never seen that in England!! The pizza was really nice and thick too- I think I would rather go out to eat in Spain than in the uk.  You get more for you money, especially as everything is so cheap out there anyway. I feel really hungry now and want to order a pizza, which I might just do as I’m currently in a hotel in Birmingham and I wasn’t impressed by the food they served me last time!

The next day was even more fun because first thing we shot another boy/girl where the theme of it was that I had made a bet with the producer that for 600 Euros I would fuck Kevin White whilst talking to my boyfriend on the phone without him knowing I was cheating on him. Now I would never do that in real life but it was a good laugh on film as Mel played the boyfriend and the banter was really funny!

Then in the afternoon we went to this really beautiful park by a lake to film some “normal” acting stuff. I loved it as the weather was amazing and I was walking around in a vest top and shorts which I had hardly been able to do all year back in England! We did get a few funny looks from the public as we had loads of camera equipment but no one gave us hassle. They filmed me talking about how much I love visiting Spain and then I had to run through some sprinklers that were in the park- It was such a good laugh [:D] We then went back to the studio and I did a boy/girl with another stud called Jon who was lovely.

After all my shoots were done I watched them filming another girl as I had some time to kill before my flight…. None of the scenes I shot for FA Kings are out yet as far as I am aware but I’m hoping they will be popular when they do!!

While I was at the airport I bought a couple of Valencia fridge magnets and also a weird looking multicoloured toy bull filled with beans (The stuffing kind of bean, not the food).

Thanks Mel & the crew- I had an amazing time and can’t wait to come back!!