Phone Shaking And German Teddies

I had a really awesome day last summer in London doing a trial shift on a tv channel and then filming some videos for my profile on here with a few top splogers [:)]

First I had to go to Soho to do an hour as a trial shift for the babe channel Storm Babes Tv… I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t worked on a live tv channel before but it was fun and the other girls there were really nice! The channel usually has two girls on the bed at the same time whereas the other channels usually only have one… But they ended up with three girls when I joined in which seemed to go down well with the viewers as we had loads of calls and I think I must have done an alright job as I passed my “trial” and went on to work for the channel for a further 6 months which was an adventure per shift for me as I lived in Wales most of the time I worked there & had an epic trek to get to the studios although usually I stayed with my friend in London the night before which was always a laugh although I still had to be up at 6am every morning so no trips to the pub on those occasions [:)]

After my Storm shenanigans I headed to a posh part of London to meet porn legend “The Belgium Bonker” Pascal White to head to Spanish model Gina Snake’s flat where we were going to be filming some content for our profiles on here with Gina and an Asian model called Faye Filli. I had never met Gina or Faye before but knew Pascal from my tvx trip to Newcastle… He was doing second camera, while my good friend Paul did the main camera work. Gina is so lovely, we hit it off straight away and a good laugh while we waited for Faye & Paul to show up.

When they did get to Gina’s flat, we shot loads of stuff- A g/g with me and Gina, a g/g with me and Faye then a 3 girl scene which was really hot- all of which are on my Adultwork profile [:D] It was such a fun day and it was lovely to meet Faye & Gina- we are still in touch to this day and of course it was great to see Pascal again- we have gone on to shoot loads of stuff together for Playboy Tv and also for our Adultwork profiles- always have a laugh and a half shooting with Pascal & the dude who shoots his stuff… Penises and dust, Mr Blobby and jellyfish- never a dull moment on one of their shoots! #YouKnowItBruv

We left Gina’s place at about 9pm, Paul was going to drive me home as he lives in Bristol and I lived half an hour from him, so it kind of made sense to do that. We had stocked up on red Bull beforehand as we knew we were going to be in for a long ride as it takes about 3 hours to even get near Bristol as traffic is always crazy in London! The banter we had on the way back was so funny, we were just singing and talking total shit. It sucks though as Paul gets migraines sometimes and he felt one coming on when we were near Reading so he pulled over to a service station to take paracetamol and sleep for half an hour as apparently that’s what cures him. He did that and I went into the services to see what they had on offer to entertain me for an hour… I was hoping they may have a massage chair I could use- They did but it was out of order which was positively poopy woo. They did however have one of those grappler machine things where it was “Prize every time” for £1.00 and they had cute little bears in there so I thought why the hell not and put my money in… But unfortunately as I was a bit tired my grappling skills went to shit and I ended up winning some kind of weird teddy with a German football team logo on it’s back. I didn’t really want it so decided I would give it to Paul. I still wanted to win the brown bear though so like a twat I put another quid into the machine and won it after a few attempts. There was nothing else really worth spending my money on and it was almost midnight so I went to check on Paul. He was sleeping with his mouth wide open looking like a knob so I threw the German teddy at him which woke him up and he looked scared (Probably a mixture of being woken suddenly & the fact the teddy looks creepy…) I asked him if he felt better. He said yes. I asked him if he wanted the teddy. He said no. We went on our way.

We didn’t get to mine until about 1:30am in the morning and it was fucking freezing! I tried to leave the German teddy in Paul’s car but he saw it and threw it out the window as he drove off and I felt a bit sorry for it just led there forlornly in the road so I took it into my house and left it with the brown bear on my mantelpiece. I was exhausted so went straight to bed- Paul texted me at around 4am to say he just got home but I didn’t reply cos I was fast asleep. I am totally grateful to him though for driving me home and having to put up with me and those freaky teddies!! I later christened them “Ze little henge and bear” but that came as result of a whole other adventure which will be part of a whole other blog entry…. It’s also a whole lot of bollocks that makes no sense whatsoever but that’s just how I roll motherfuckers!! [:D]

I had a fantastic day- I made new friends, landed my first tv “Babe Show” appearance and made a grown man scream…… Alongside this post is a delightful image of ze little henge & zat fucking brown bear. What a pair of smug looking little cunts they are. WORD.