Pub Crawling, Brawling And Bawling- A Trip Down South!

A couple of months after I moved to Berkshire I went back down South to visit my family, cats and some friends for the weekend which was cool as it felt weird at first living away from my parents house!

On my first night back there I went on a night out with a few of my friends to a few local pubs and got recognised loads in the first pub we went to… I was sober and didn’t really want any hassle so we went to another pub and got all nice & tipsy before returning to the first pub by my friend Hannah’s house, where I proceeded to have at least 2 people come up to me every 10 minutes asking about my job or wondering where I had gone to since I moved. Me and my friends got given free drinks to as the manager of the pub knows me and is apparently a “fan”…. Who knows whether or not that was meant as sarcasm but I got  free wine so who gives a shit?!

Unfortunately though you always get one arsehole who thinks they are clever and my friend Richard nearly ended up getting kicked out the pub as this guy and his girlfriend kept shouting abuse at me from across the pub & Richard went over and looked like he was going to punch the guy! I just felt sorry for the couple as they looked & sounded rough, and I probably earn more in an hour than they do in a week so it’s a no brainer really. I just politely told them that they obviously have very sad lives (Which they do) and if they could refrain from publically embarrassing themselves further… I got told I’m a whore with AIDS and then Richard took it from there haha. Interesting night out to say the least. I woke up the next day on Hannah’s sofa with her dog staring right into my face.

Later that day I went to visit my nan and took her for a meal- My nan is AWESOME!! She is everything but a stereotypical old lady and has totally accepted my job, warts (Not literally) and all! Welcome to my gran.

In the evening I watched American Pie and stuffed my face with Chinese takeaway….. The Chinese by my mum’s house make the BEST Special Fried Rice EVER!! I try and make sure I get one every time I go back to visit- just a shame that they close on Tuesdays for some reason.

The next day I packed my shit back up and went back to Bracknell, taking some perfumes and winter clothes with me as I had left quite a lot of stuff behind when I moved. It was pretty emotional leaving my mum and cats behind and I cried on the train. Some woman on the train into Bristol kept thinking I was going to be sick, which was really fucking annoying because I had told her I was just feeling a bit emotional. Some strange people out there I guess. My current neighbours are strange but that’s a different blog post!

I had a great trip back to see my mum and have had many interesting ones back there since- Also returning made me realise how pleased I am to have moved as I did get quite a lot of hassle, and have had similar almost every time I have been back…. I just deal with it in more creative ways now!