Recreating The “Anchorman” Fight Scene…. With Tennis Rackets, Eggs, & Shake Weight Wielding Bikers!

One of my favourite memories since I moved to London, has got to be the day I filmed a promotion for a sports company, which happened to be a parody of the hilarious fight scene from the film “Anchorman”! I played one of five sports team “gang” leaders, although I was a bit confused as to what gender my character was supposed to be, as in the script it said I was playing “Frank Pritchard”, which i assumed to be a man’s name! Turns out it had been written originally with a male actor in mind, and it was changed to “Frankie” for me, which was a relief, as I wouldn’t really have known how to react if I was supposed to be playing a bloke!

The shoot typically had to fall on what was definitely the coldest and windiest day of the month, although we appeared to have struck it somewhat lucky with the location- a road/pathway in between two large hills, which shielded the wind a fair bit. It was also the first time I had ever visited “Pudding Mill Lane”, near Stratford. I had always found the name “Pudding Mill Lane” to be entertaining, I think because it reminds me of the old Facebook game, “Pudding Pop”, with which I enjoyed a love/hare relationship. Love because the little pudding characters looked kind of cute in a freaky way, and hate, because I used to receive a minimum of 12,861 notifications about it every day, and I didn’t even play the mothersnufflin’ game! Nice pointless little backstory for you there.

Anyhow, I met the cast and crew at the station of smiley, squidgy social media memories, and we headed to/under the hills. A lot of people knew each other already from previous film projects, but everyone was so nice to me, and luckily the crew had brought lots of food and drink supplies, with really good vegan options also, even though I think I was the only person who ate them! The only thing I found annoying about the day, was the fact the only toilet within miles, was in a little cafe on the top of a hill, only accessible via some steep steps next to a duel carriageway. It was a long afternoon, and the staff must have wondered what on earth was happening, when so many people kept coming in, although if the others were doing the same as I was- buying something each time out of guilt for only entering the shop to use only the toilet- then I guess the staff weren’t complaining, as would have made a pretty good profit that day!

It was so much fun bringing a sports based twist to the famous news channel based fight scene! We were all given “weapons” of various sporting equipment, such as rackets, basketballs, and hockey sticks, plus a few guys were given eggs glued to spoons to randomly run around with. We even had a “hard” looking biker type dude waving a shake weight around for no reason! I loved that i had on of the few main speaking roles, despite having never had worked with the production company prior to this shoot. I was also easily one of the smallest cast members, which added to the comedy value of me beating up bulky blokes, via the means of plastic sports equipment! It became extremely cold by mid afternoon, and one of the actors had brought a big shawl for himself, but he offered it to me, which i thought was lovely, as he was under no obligation to do that!

I was so happy with how the video turned out, especially as I am very self critical, and generally don’t like seeing myself on film, especially when I am not familiar with the camera operator’s shooting style! You can see the full video here:


Oh and you can see how cold and windy it was that day, by the expressions on everyone’s faces in the accompanying photo to this post!!