Shooting For Brooke-Lee Playmates

I was contacted last spring by the people behind the popular website Brooke Lee Playmates, asking me if I wanted to go and do a shoot for them. Their website is awesome and they have worked with loads of famous models so of course I said yes! I remember the journey down was quite long as I was living in Wales at the time, and I think the company was at that time based in the midlands.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the location, as it looked like a warehouse type place, but when I met the awesome photographer Marc, he took me to a room above it, and it was an amazing studio! They had a gym set, office set, a cute girly set and a really posh sofa set too. Plus a room where girls can webcam from which is where I met the lovely Terri- Jane who’s website I shot for at a later date 😀

I started out doing a set of stills in the gym where I had to pour water on myself whilst wearing a tracksuit to “cool off”… I thought the water would be warm, but oh no, it was freezing cold. I then had to do the whole thing again but on video- including pouring the cold water on myself. I was pleased when I had to strip out of the tracksuit as the water had soaked through and I was fucking freezing. I was actually warmer when I was naked, which isn’t a statement you would normally hear from a model, or any sane person for that matter.

The office set was next. That was a lot more fun and I got to photocopy my bum which was a new experience for me! Then I basically worked my way through all the sets, doing a series of stills, then 10-15 minute videos. It helped that I got on well with the people I was working with, which in my opinion, usually produces better results.

The cool thing about Brooke Lee Playmates is that their website isn’t very explicit, but it is still sex and I can see the appeal for guys. It is more of a “tease” site although there is some cheeky open leg thrown in for good measure too! It is more a glamour site than a porn site and I had a lot of fun shooting for them, it was a fantastic day 😀

Unfortunately the journey back wasn’t as pleasant as the day itself, as about 15 minutes into the train journey, some kid shat himself and there was literally only one toilet available for use…. Which so conveniently happened to be pretty much right at the other end of the train. Plus the carriages were all full with people as it was peak travelling time so it was stuffy. I apologise if you were feeling any form of sexual arousal & have now lost it due to reading this delightful little paragraph [:)]

All of the scenes I shot that day have been released now so keep a look out on their site, plus to the left of this post is a photo from the Secretary set I did [;)]