Some Random Facts About Jessica Jensen!

I have a cross- dressing cat called Scampy who spends most days running around with women’s underwear on his head and has really thick eyelashes and lots of eyebrows that look very feminine.

I have recently taken part in a documentary for Channel 4 about people with interesting lives, which will be broadcast late 2013.

I won a box of 100 chocolate “Yowies” (Anyone remember them?) when I was 8 years old and ate all of them in less that three weeks.

I used to write fake “Embarrassing Moments” to send into teenage magazines when I was in school in order to get paid for the ones they published. At one stage those magazines were like my personal ATM machine.

When I was a kid I had three hamsters who all looked the same and were all called Hammy.

I have recently been to Belfast to appear as an extra in the fourth series of Game Of Thrones. It was an incredible experience.

I have a really awesome nose.

I got kicked out of a pub when I was younger because I told a guy he looked like Santa Claus then accused his beard of being fake and tried to rip it off (It wasn’t fake, and I was rewarded with a lifetime ban from said pub)

I know someone who looks like Beaker out of The Muppets.

I got in deep shit when I was a kid because I told all the other children in the neighbourhood that Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy weren’t real, resulting in their parents knocking on my door and asking me to apologise and say I was joking. Personally I think I did those kids a favour as most of them were nearing the start of Secondary School and I’m sure their parents wouldn’t have wanted them to have the piss taken out of them for being gullible little mugs.

Right now I am literally banging my head of my desk because the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke has come on the tv for the fifth time this hour.

Whenever I introduce someone to my grandmother I say “Welcome to my gran”.

I can’t handle any curry more spicy than a Korma or it makes me sick.

I don’t take kindly to random men trying to chat me up on social networking sites- ESPECIALLY those who appear to lack the ability of being able to spell even simple words.