Spare Ribs And Dorcel In Belgium

I was so lucky to be asked by the AWESOME director Philippe Soine to go and film for him in Belgium last September!! He shoots a lot for Dorcel and his films are really artistic and well shot [:D] I caught the Eurostar for the first time to get to Brussels, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it as I expected it to be all underground for some reason, when in reality it was no different to going on the train to Essex- It took about as long and was equally as bumpy.

Philippe met me when we arrived and we went for some noodles at a noodle bar on our way to drop my stuff off at the apartment. It was a really nice apartment on the top floor and the view was lovely as I could see a lot of Brussels from there! It was a pretty long first day filming as everything had to be perfect and Philippe wanted to get lots of different angles during the b/g scene and lots of still shots. I had to smoke an electronic cigarette and we filmed some stuff in the lobby and corridors which was fun- There was no nudity in this bit so I didn’t have to worry about people staring!

Once we wrapped the first scene, Philippe took me out to see more of the city… We went for food and drinks at this really cool restaurant where we were all treated like royalty as Philippe knew all the people who worked there- He told me the spare ribs there were really nice but they were actually fucking amazing!! Way better than any ribs I had ever eaten before [:D] After we ate we went to a few bars and got a bit tipsy. I took loads of photos of the city before heading back to the apartment where I realised I had a mini bar! Unfortunately what I didn’t reaslise was that everything I ate/drank had to be paid for and didn’t come free with the room… Luckily I remembered this after one drink so it was ok!

The next day I had a lie in then shot another boy/girl scene in the afternoon which was another long day but so much fun! We filmed some stuff outside where I had to walk down the street and open my coat to reveal a skimpy outfit with stockings and suspenders…. We did several takes of this and I was a bit self conscious as there was some old guy who kept walking past and deliberately staring and being a pain…. I was going to say something to him but then remembered he may not speak English so I just flicked him the “V”s and I think he understood what I meant as he left. The creepy old guy was soon replaced by some blokes in a car beeping their horn but by that point I didn’t care. I had a really good day and didn’t want to go back to England! I had some food in a cafe before catching the Eurostar back, and I was genuinely really sad to leave! I can’t wait to see the film when it’s released which should be early 2014.

I think I’ve written enough now as it’s late, I’ve been working all day and I feel like my eyes are going to fall out so will say goodnight folk!