The Amazing Forever C9 Cleanse Part 1

A few weeks ago I did what was probably one of the best things I have ever done- The Forever Healthy Living C9 full body cleanse! I have always been skeptical of any seemingly “miracle” speedy cleanse/weight loss programmes, however I know a few people who have done the C9 and they all raved about it so I thought I would give it a go- Not for the weight loss, but to get rid of all the bad toxins which would inevitably have built up over the years, as until recently I was a heavy drinker and cigarette smoker.

My friend Jenny works for Forever Living (I do too now after getting into using their products) and I knew that I didn’t trust myself not to fuck up the cleanse by giving in to chocolate or cigarettes (Two things you shouldn’t eat whilst on it- I knew I wouldn’t drink alcohol at all as it makes me crave junk food and cigs!). I went to stay with Jenny and her family for 7 of the 9 days duration as she has done it before and knows what the best foods are to eat during the cleanse, plus she is my friend and has a dog and 6 guinea pigs, alongside a horse and cute toddler! We agreed to do the C9 together.

Unfortunately my stomach was not feeling at it’s best after my trip to York as I had been drinking wine the night before,and the first thing I did when I got in Jenny’s car was proceed to empty the entire contents of that morning’s breakfast all over the pavement. The first night we all enjoyed a “Last Supper” of happy food as opposed to healthy, as we knew we would have 9 upcoming days of strictly healthy stuff!

The day after I arrived, I went with Jenny to watch her do a one-to-one coaching session with a lovely lady called Sarah who had 3 beautiful dogs and had just signed up as a Forever distributor. It was at a cosy little house in the countryside, and I enjoyed listening and taking mental notes, as I would love so much to be also be able to pursue a successful career selling health products that I genuinely enjoy using myself!

On the Sunday Jenny took me to my first Forever “team meeting” which I loved as everyone was so happy and positive. I took down lots of notes on how to sell products and potentially recruit new team members- I know I definitely want to work for the company as I have used their products for a few months now and really like them, especially the Aloe Vera gel and bee pollen as they genuinely give me energy plus the pollen tablets smell amazing! The women who spoke at the meeting were really ambitious and inspiring- One had been given a massive pay rise and a car as a reward for her dedication to the company- I would love to be on that level one day as I know modelling/acting work won’t pay the bills in years to come!.

We spent a lot of my time up in York watching Netflix and chilling out (I loved Netflix so much that I ordered it myself when I went home) and we went for some lovely walks with her family despite the freezing weather- It even snowed on one of the days!

I really liked the area Jenny lives in- It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere but has lot of animals and cosy looking houses/cottages scattered around. It has a kinda eerie feel to it, a bit like the setting for a Creepypasta (My biggest guilty pleasure). Plus the rent appears to be so fucking cheap!!

Part 2 coming up where I will actually discuss the cleanse in detail as it was tough but fun, VERY rewarding and has actually change the way I look at food, plus it has helped me to pretty much quit smoking!