The Amazing Forever C9 Cleanse Part 2

In the first part of my blog about the C9 I just talked about how much fun I had staying up north with my friend and her family, but in this part I’m going to gloat about the benefits of this awesome cleanse!

For the first two days you can’t eat any solid foods other than moderate amounts of fruit and veg. (I was very happy because strawberries/blackberries and grapes were on the list of “free foods” that I could eat!) but I didn’t really feel anything other than a bit hungry towards the evening (Obviously). Three times a day I drank 240ml of sterilized Aloe Vera juice, which I will admit tastes a bit funky but believe me is is SO worth it, especially if you carry on drinking it after the cleanse. The best part though was drinking the Forever protein & vitamin shakes twice a day- You can choose between chocolate and vanilla….. I had the chocolate one and Jenny chose the vanilla one. We swapped on some days and both tasted amazing- You just mix a scoop with milk and drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. They taste amazing and really do fill you up plus apparently have all your daily recommended amount of vitamins & minerals!

On the third day onwards you still drink the Aloe/shakes etc but in the evening you can have a 600 calorie meal- We had fun cooking some tasty but healthy dinners and from day 4 I genuinely did feel as though I had more energy. I did have the urge to cheat a few times, but I paid just over £100 to do this so I wasn’t about to let myself fuck up! Once I was eating these meals each day and drinking the shakes, I rarely felt hungry at all…. Plus all the fruit I was also eating between meals if I fancied a snack.

Also what amazed me was that until recently I have been a moderate smoker- Throughout the course of the entire 9 days I smoked three cigarettes in total, but I was literally having 3-5 puffs on each one before throwing it away, so in reality I only really smoked the one! I managed to complete the C9 without cheating (Other than the cigs obviously as it’s not particularly a great thing to engage in whilst on a health programme).

I wasn’t doing the cleanse to lose weight like some people do, however I did notice that once I had finished my stomach did actually look flatter! It has also (sort of) changed the way I see food as I have been snacking less and trying to eat bigger yet healthier meals. The cleanse definitely gave me more energy and I will be doing it again in 3/4 months.

If you are interested to know more information about the C9 then you can email me on as I now work part time as a distributor for Forever Living as well, because I enjoyed their products so much!

Attached is a photo of the really tasty stir fry we cooked on Day Three.