The Barry Banter Show!

Last month I collaborated with another┬áprank channel in London called Barry Bee Tv aka The Barry Banter Show. They make light hearted silly public games, in particular “Kissing Games”….. I had never heard of this before but it just basically the two guys who run the channel playing daft games with girls to try and get kisses from them (I am not very good at explaining it). I like their channel so messaged them on Twitter about maybe doing a video together. They said yes so we met up the next week. Barry who runs the channel wanted to do a kissing game but a “girl version” where I basically play games with random guys in London to see if they can “win” a kiss from me. Silly but fun.

Basically I went up to guys in and around Hyde Park and challenged them to a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and if I win I get to slap them but if they win they get to kiss me. I am not a very flirty person as anyone who knows me is aware of so I found it a bit awkward at first, but soon got into it. I wanted to step it up a bit so mainly went up to street performers- There was a dude playing the bagpipes, a Jamaican geezer happily banging away on some drums, and the best of all…… A tree. A random bloke stood in the park dressed as a full blown tree. No one really knows why he was there but he made an interesting addition to the video!

You can see the final video here:

I had a lot of hate in the comments as you can see, mainly about my physical appearance, but to be honest- I really don’t care….. In fact I am planning to make a video of myself reading some of the comments!

Check out Barry Bee on Twitter: