The Bonking Bin Man And The Cookie People!

Last year I was contacted by another Television X producer asking me to be in his new series called “The Bonking Bin Man”. It sounded like a right old laugh so I took him up on his offer!

This was the first outdoor scene that I ever shot, and it was a really good day [:)] I had to go to Birmingham for it, and it was being filmed on the roof of somewhere that I thought was a strip club, but turned out to be a swingers club that hosts gang bang parties, which was……… interesting. I say “interesting” as I have nothing against girls who do this type of work whatsoever- it just isn’t something I personally would be interested in doing, and I don’t think I could do something like that just for the money! It was also interesting as when I was looking for the changing room in the club to change into my outfit for the shoot, there were blokes wandering round in nothing but towels covering their… errr… “modesty”. There was also a mini bar, and from what I could make out from what the woman behind it was saying, an event was due to start in an hour. I noticed a couple of guys eyeing me up as I walked past and didn’t want to give them the wrong idea so I went back out onto the roof.

The scene was with a stud called Peter O’ Toole who I had met for the first time that day, and he played a pervy bin man who finds me asleep on the roof and then convinces me to shag him (I know it’s not much of a storyline but who cares? It was a lot of fun and a great day!) So we shot that and took some pictures which only lasted a few hours and then I was free to head back home. By the time I went back to get changed into my normal clothes, the party appeared to be in full swing. I didn’t see any other girls in there but there was music and guys walking around looking sweaty and happy…. On my way out an angry looking chubby man wearing a sarong that barely covered his knob walked past me and asked me if I was lost and if I was new, so I said no and that I had just been there for a shoot on their roof & was heading off to find somewhere to eat as I was starving, to which he replied that I could “get filled up pretty quickly” if I stuck around for a while, to which I politely declined and left. I did actually find out later that there was a nice restaurant literally just over the road, so maybe that was what he was referring to, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

So yeah, that was my third shoot for Television X and a nice memory, even if it did get quite cold on that roof- And I also discovered “Millie’s Cookies” that day too, which is basically a little shop type thing that I’ve seen in several train stations that sell really nice cookies in all different flavours. I’ve also noticed that when you ask for just a singular, solitary cookie, the person behind the counter always exclaims, “Just the one??” as if they either think you look like the sort of person who could eat several cookies in one go, or they genuinely think their product is so amazing that you couldn’t possibly only be satisfied with one…. No exaggeration, I get asked this every time I want to buy a fucking cookie, although last month when I was at Paddington station I bought a pack of five to share with the other people I was working with that day and the dude behind the counter said “You are going to eat all five to yourself?” I guess you just can’t win with them!

Sorry that wasn’t a particularly arousing blog entry, but I’m hungry right now and really want a cookie (Just the one) plus it’s 1:20am and I have work in the morning so I’m off to bed now. The photo to the left is of me in the car waiting for cameras & props & stuff to be set up before the scene [;)]

Goodnight Splodgers & Spolodgettes!