The Charlotte Rose Show

A few weeks ago I was asked by award winning sex campaigner Charlotte Rose to appear as a special guest on her online radio show based in the beautiful Canary Wharf, London (One of my favourite places!). Of course I agreed and was really excited for it.

Things went a bit pear shaped on the day though- I was supposed to be getting my hair styled on Oxford Street, however they decided to close early, leaving me with a frizzy mop and a very high heart rate (I get stressed over the most stupid of things). Luckily peace on London was soon restored when Charlotte agreed to style my hair, and she did a very good job!

I wasn’t too nervous about the show and I really enjoyed talking bollocks with others and discussing various sex and career related subjects. We played funny games too like seeing who could put a condom on a banana then a cucumber the furthest (I don’t think I won somehow as I have a crappy gag reflex!) We also played with some weird sexual device that looked like a Pogo Stick with a dildo stuck to it. I also stuck the dildo to a wall (I was involved in a prank a few months back doing a similar thing but in public and ended up getting detained by the ol’ federally).

We also reviewed a product of nipple tassels from a company called Nippleicious- They were nice enough to give me a pair for free too- Thanks guys although shame I don’t have a boyfriend to wear them for! After the show, we wanted to go to the pub, but it was shut so we got some wine and went back to Charlotte’s apartment, again in a really nice part of London. We all got a bit drunk and chilled out with kebabs, watching comedy shows on tv which was fun. We slept like logs too although luckily I did not have a hangover the next day!

I had a brilliant time on the show, and am thrilled they like me and want me to go back! So big thanks to Charlotte, Big Bob and Andy plus the other dude whose name I can’t remember for making me feel welcome and for all the laughs!

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