The Legend Lady Sonia

Last year I contacted the legend that is Lady Sonia to see if she would be interested in shooting me for her website, and she said yes [:D]

She is based quite far from me so I had a lovely 6am start to catch a bus and then two trains to get to the location. When I got to her house where we were shooting, I was really impressed as it was beautiful and massive!! Both Sonia and her husband were lovely and made me feel very welcome after my long journey. (A four hour journey seemed like a long time to me back then, but that is like a walk to the supermarket now, after I have enjoyed a few delightful 6 hour journeys to Newcastle and a fucking amazing 9 hour train journey to Glasgow and back- Now if I need to go to Scotland I just do what any normal person would do, and get a plane.)

Anyway, we were shooting in a room upstairs which was an “interview room” in the scene. The plot basically was that Sonia was interviewing me to work for her husband’s catering firm, but lots lots of people had applied so I needed to “prove myself” in order to get the job. She gave me some heels for me to walk around in whilst (trying) to look sexy- I never used to be able to work in really high heels, but after 18 months of working in modelling/porn I am now pleased to say that I have pretty much perfected the art [:)] I don’t want to give too much away about the scene as I don’t think it is out yet, but t basically resulted in me pleasuring myself with a vibrator on the sofa in front of Sonia, and that’s all you really need to know, isn’t it?!

After the shoot I had an hour to kill before my train, so I went and had a look around the local shopping centre and ended up buying a few pairs of brightly coloured jeans, which it seemed everyone was wearing last year, then it started pissing it down with rain, so I went and had a Subway meal then back to the train station.

I had a brilliant day shooting for Lady Sonia, and I left feeling motivated to work even harder as I would love to one day be able to afford a lovely big house like she has!!!

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the actual shoot, but I have attached a photo of myself getting ready to go on webcam when I got home from the shoot [:D